Zhangzhou Gulei: The benzene anhydride project of Gulei Chemical Company was put into production successfully

Zhangzhou News reported on January 31, recently, the world’s largest single line output of phthalic anhydride project — Fujian Fuhua Gullei Chemical Company’s phthalic anhydride project (above) through the whole production process, successfully produced 2022 0001 large package qualified products.It is understood that the project design an annual output of 7000 tons of 260000 tons of benzene anhydride and maleic anhydride, GuLei chemical companies relying on the airdropping the PX project, the company introduced the world advanced production equipment, with o-xylene as the main raw material, by air oxidation, mixed gas cooling and switch precooler, condensation, distillation, process, main product for phthalic anhydride, realize the production cost optimization,Comprehensive energy consumption and market competitiveness are in the forefront of China’s phthalic anhydride industry, with strong industrial competitiveness.In order to ensure the smooth operation of the project and the output of qualified products, the production management Department of Gulei Chemical Company constantly optimizes the commissioning test plan, prepares various emergency plans and safe operation rules in advance, and evaluates the difficulties and risks of commissioning test in advance.The company’s departments seriously responsible, carefully organized, solidarity and cooperation, timely handling of various emergency situations in the process of driving.At the same time, all contractors stationed at the site, fully cooperate with the benzene anhydride project to do a good job of starting and feeding.In the future, Gulei Chemical company will continue to improve and adjust the operating rhythm of the new plant, and move forward to full load and stable operation.The completion and operation of the Benzene anhydride project of Gulei Chemical Company will further enrich the types of petrochemical products in Gulei, improve the upstream and downstream petrochemical industry chain of Gulei, and help Fujian to build a more high-end and modern petrochemical industry.(Xue Minling, Zhan Zhaoyu, Zhao Jinwen/Photo)

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