Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province: snow expedition stranded mountain traffic police rescue rescue

On the afternoon of February 8, 2022, a college student braved heavy snow to ride a motorcycle to explore the desert mountains in the suburbs. On the way, his motorcycle got stuck in a mud puddle. When he was isolated and helpless, the Traffic police of Dantu Brigade received the alarm for help and rescued the driver in the first time.Received the alarm on the afternoon of 16, Dantu brigade traffic police received a report that in gaozi town Han Village near the barren mountains, a motorcycle stuck in the mud can not open, in need of rescue.Quickly find the police situation is the command, in order to find the alarm as soon as possible, the police phone to appease his emotions, and let him forward the location and surrounding environment photos to the police through wechat.Because the vehicle was trapped in the mountain steep and bumpy wet road, road narrow, after 20 minutes of search, police successfully found the alarm found small Xu.The cause of the incident is understood, Xu is a college student, usually love riding, that day in order to exercise their body and consciousness, decided to ride through the snow barren mountains, all the way from zhenjiang city to Gaozi town Han Jiazhuang, due to lack of experience and unfamiliar with the road, carelessly “horse” hoof, the vehicle into the mud.Due to the two people, Xu temporarily do not know what to do, after several attempts to escape the failure, decided to call the police for help.Escort down the mountain at this time, the snow is still falling, the police found small Xu, see him shivering with cold, covered in mud, very distressed.After the initial inspection, xu in addition to excessive physical fatigue and no injuries, police together to help Xu, the vehicle successfully pushed out of the mud, and safely escorted down the mountain.Subsequently, the police arranged xu to rest in the squadron to rectify, and provide hot food and water to replenish physical strength.The damaged motorcycle can not run normally, and the police to small xu contact the repair center of the repairman to repair the vehicle, small xu safely set foot on the way home, small xu moved by the police’s rescue.Zhenjiang traffic police remind people to pay attention to road safety when traveling in rainy and snowy weather

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