Booking scan code, temperature measurement and current limit, shenzhen art museum orderly resumption of opening

Read and create/Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Liang Ying/Wen Hanmo/picture scanning code, temperature measurement, security check…On April 6, art museums in Shenzhen opened in an orderly manner in accordance with the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements.Dynamic management will be implemented during the opening period of the venue, such as booking visits, temperature scanning when entering the venue, traffic limit of 50% according to the maximum reception capacity, social distancing and other control measures.Red code, yellow code and travel card star are not allowed to enter the venue.Specifically, visitors can follow the official wechat accounts of major art museums.The Gwansanwol Art Museum was the first to return to normal on April 6, opening its doors at 9 a.m.According to the notice, visitors are required to hold negative nucleic acid test certificate for 72 hours, take temperature check at the entrance of the venue, show the reservation code, health code and travel code, strictly scan the venue code to enter the venue, wear masks when visiting, and keep a safe social distance of more than 1.5 meters to avoid crowds and civilized viewing.He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, Shenzhen Art Museum and other institutions have also announced that they will return to normal on April 7. Shenzhen Art Museum will reopen on April 8 due to the cancellation of the exhibition and the arrangement of the exhibition.After the restoration, most of the art museums will be entered by real-name appointment. Except for the elderly over 60 years old who can make an appointment on site with a valid ID card, others can make an appointment through the official website of Shenzhen Museum or wechat official account.According to the size of the museum, each museum has a different upper limit for the number of visitors. Guan Shanyue Museum implements dynamic management of “one out and one in” after reaching 200 visitors at the same time.He Xiangning Museum is limited to 100 visitors.Some exhibitions have been postponed or rescheduled due to COVID-19.According to understand, is main gallery exhibition is on display, including “return also see their mountain: Lin Fengsu and lingnan landscape painting language to explore thematic exhibition”, guan shanyue art collection “youth koan series” exhibition, “with people – around 1949 guan shanyue” exhibition, “the current writing situation, reset – main gallery exhibition”.He Xiangning Art Museum’s “Looking for A Painting alone — The Calligraphy Relationship between He Xiangning and Overseas Chinese” and “At Work: Women in Art Practice” will be extended to April 10.The “Sailing — 2021 Creation Exhibition”, which opened before the Spring Festival, will also continue to be exhibited at the Shenzhen Art Academy.Shenzhen Art Museum will launch a new exhibition “The Image outside the Image – Zhang Hongxun’s Art Works exhibition” on April 8.Read: Sun Shijian

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