Fujian province has a large area, good ecological environment of the mountain, is also very representative of the mountain

Fujian province has a large area, good ecological environment of the mountain, is also very representative of the mountain.China is a country of mountains and places of many, because of the vast area, mountain terrain around the country each are not identical, this is actually a lot of times all show the typical characteristics, in this paper, the development of a mountain for interpretation and introduced so that more tourists are familiar with the development background of the mountain, let more visitors to come here for the first time, makes the development of the mountain is more attractive,Xiaobian from the mountain’s geographical location, scenic spots and infrastructure and other aspects of the mountain to show tourists a comprehensive tour of the mountain, so as to leave tourists a more profound impression of the mountain, can promote the development of the local tourism industry.Taimu mountain, the three big mountains of fujian province, the mountain is located in the southern city of fuding in fujian province, is a typical local city famous mountains scenic spot, is also one of the three big mountains of fujian province’s mountains scenic area, therefore, from the mountain in the process of the development of tourism economy, not only attractive, and it is not the mountains and rivers landscape in fujian province, and send the “sea” the laudatory name,It faces the sea on three sides. On the other hand, although it has its back to the mountains, it can still see the mountains and rivers, which is praised by many tourists.Registered in the world geological park mountain creates a record, it is the only domestic granite hill also now, that can represent the mountains and rivers more attractive side, long time ago, it was listed in the world geological park, not only the domestic status of high status in the world and view and admire a gender high mountains, after be AAAA level scenic spot,It will also increase its presence in Korea.Dongshan, the edge of the lake kasumigaura mountain landscape is numerous, such as second, humanities related tourism also many, is the natural and cultural integration of mountains scenic spot, from the point of the actual performance of the mountain, it can reflect the very prominent cultural advantage by local citizens and fujian focus attention, can be said to be the local representative mountains and rivers of the city.There are many beautiful rivers and mountains in our country. Which mountain do you like best?Why do you like it?You are welcome to give your opinion.

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