Henan province has issued a double warning for icy roads and heavy snowfall tonight and tomorrow

Dahenet news (reporter Mo Shaohua) Six days after the sun will “halftime”, February 6, the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, rain and snow as scheduled.Henan round of rain and snow mainly concentrated in today night to tomorrow during the day, the end of 9.At 8 am this morning, henan meteorological station issued a yellow alert for road icing and a blue alert for snowstorm.It is expected that from 8 o ‘clock on June 6 to 8 o ‘clock on July 7, the south of the Yellow River and the cities of Jiyuan and Jiaozuo will see road surface temperatures below 0℃, which will have a great impact on traffic.Xinyang, Nanyang two areas and sanmenxia, Luoyang, Pingdingshan, Zhumadian four southern counties and cities will be more than 5 millimeters of snow, including Nanyang, Xinyang two areas of local snow will be more than 10 millimeters.Influenced by this precipitation process, there will be another cooling process in Henan from today to tomorrow. After the process, the temperature will rise significantly.Specifically, this afternoon, the west, south cloudy, including Sanmenxia, Luoyang, Nanyang three areas have light snow, partial snow, Xinyang, Zhumadian two areas have sporadic light snow or sleet, other areas cloudy to overcast.Tonight, the province is cloudy, most areas south of the Yellow River have small to medium snow, including xinyang and zhumadian, Sanmenxia, Luoyang three areas south and pingdingshan, Nanyang two areas west part of the counties and cities have heavy snow, other areas have sporadic light snow.In the daytime, henan province was overcast, and some areas south of the Yellow River had scattered light snow or light snow, including moderate snow or sleet in Xinyang.From July 7 to 8, it will be overcast in southern China, with light or scattered snow in some counties and cities, and overcast to cloudy in other areas.On September 9, light rain and snow will stop to become cloudy in the southeast, and cloudy to sunny in other areas.From the night to the morning of the 10th, there will be fog in the east and south.During the day on October 10, sunny days will turn cloudy in the west and south, and sunny days will turn cloudy in other areas.During the night, it was overcast in the whole province, with light rain or sleet in most areas south of the Yellow River and light snow in the western mountains.On The 11th, the province will be overcast, with light snow or sleet in the west and north, and light rain to sleet in other areas.On The 12th, it will be overcast, with light rain or sleet in the east and south of the province.Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, this afternoon, cloudy to cloudy, at night, cloudy to light snow, 2 ~ 3 easterly.The highest temperature 5 ~ 6℃, the lowest temperature -2 ~ -1℃.Tomorrow, scattered snow will stop turning cloudy.On the 8th, the cloudy turned sunny.

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