Ten years in the police force, he became a torchbearer for the Winter Olympics

Yan Xinzhuo, male, born in January 1989, joined the public security work in 2012. Now he is the deputy director of Zhongguancun Police Station and the captain of the Third Community Police Team of Haidian Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.He has won the first and second class merit awards once, the third and third class merit awards three times, the “Capital Labor Medal” of Beijing, the “May 4th Youth Medal”, the second-class Hero model of National Public Security System, the Advanced Individual of National Public Security System in Fighting COVID-19, and the nomination award of “The Most Beautiful Grassroots Police”.Municipal bureau of “Beijing Model · the most beautiful police”, “Capital Police Youth Model”, “Capital Police Outstanding Youth Guard” and other titles.Once, he was a “diplomat” in the “United Nations Community”. In order to serve more than 800 foreigners from 50 countries in his jurisdiction, he learned English, Japan, South Korea, France and Russia, and formed a foreign volunteer alliance.Now, as the leader of the community police team, he continues to lead the community police to take root in the community, serve the people, and escort the scientific research institutes, technology enterprises and electronic markets under his jurisdiction.He is Yan Xinzhuo, deputy director of Zhongguancun Police Station of Haidian Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and leader of the third community police Team.During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Yan Xinzhuo, a freshman at the China Criminal Police Academy, watched with envy as his fellow students volunteered to participate in the Games.In his 10th year as a police officer, Yan xinzhuo became a torchbearer for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, completing the relay in winter Olympic Park on Feb 2.”It is not only my personal honor, but also the glory of the capital police,” Yan said.Born in the golden age, thank the Party, continue to carry forward the Olympic spirit, with practical actions to safeguard the safety of the community, protect the peaceful life of the community!””Diplomats” in the “UN community” in 2013, graduated from China academy of Interpol soon 闫昕 zhuo was arranged for HuaQingJiaYuan community, here is the largest community in zhongguancun street, adjacent to the center of the universe “wudaokou, and many universities in the surrounding business, more than 800 foreign students from 50 countries, scientific research and migrant workers to rent in this for a long time,It is called the “UN community”.The community is not only a large population, complex personnel, to the young community police put forward a great challenge, he needs to solve different skin color, different cultural background, different educational background of the masses of all kinds of problems.From then on, Yan began his training as a community diplomat.In order to ensure that this complex community, 闫昕 zhuo as a traditional way to take the round door visits, and adopted the “Internet +” new ideas, take the lead in the implementation of foreigners within their respective jurisdictions accommodation online booking service, realize the online information advance registration, accommodation formalities in time for service mode, greatly reducing the foreign people time cost.”Officer, if the landlord and the agent come and ask me to move again, I really can’t help it!”In 2013, Shortly after yan Xinzhuo came to the community, he received a phone call from Mr. Cui, a Korean worker living in the community.He rushed to the scene at the first time, Mr. Cui is using furniture tightly against the door, the room faintly smelled of strong alcohol.Originally, Mr. Cui due to sudden changes in the home, financial difficulties, many times delinquent rent, again request landlord and intermediary delay rent was rejected, he drunk a time emotional.After understanding the situation, Yan Xinzhuo communicated with him heart to heart and patiently persuaded him.Finally, after more than seven hours of persuasion, Mr. Cui calmed down.Subsequently, Yan Xinzhuo actively coordinated the two sides to reach an agreement.Late that night, Yan Xinzhuo drove Mr. Cui to a friend to stay. When Yan Xinzhuo was about to turn around and leave, Mr. Cui suddenly gave him a big hug.Shortly after returning to China, Cui sent a text message to Yan: “You let me know that Beijing is a safe and warm city. I hope I can come here again.”Have “heart” and “new” 闫昕 zhuo, expatriates in order to better service, also using a mobile phone to download the translation software, specialized English, Japanese, Korean, French, Russian, please when the “teacher”, and other countries students organized volunteers to form a communication group, become real “community diplomat,” community residents are full of praise to him, many people have become his “international alliance member,”To help him preach Chinese law and resolve conflicts and disputes.The “security officer” of the common people in the community “what are you knocking at midnight?!”Mr. Li, who lives in Dongsheng Garden, heard voices outside the door and got up impatiently to check.Mr. Li often forgets to lock the iron fence door, and every time Yan Xinzhuo passes by on patrol, he knocks on the door to remind him, which Mr. Li is not happy about.But this time Mr Lee got up and closed the door, which scared off two burglars who were trying to steal the house.The thieves rushed downstairs and were caught by a patrol led by Yan.When he saw Yan again, Mr. Li apologized embarrassedly: “The safety of our community is earned by your hard work day and night. I want to join the patrol too!”In yan’s community, Dongsheng Park is an old one, with outdated physical and technical facilities and some foreign tenants leaving their doors unlocked at night. Preventing burglary has become the focus of security work here.After coordinating the support of the community Party Committee, Yan formed the building patrol team. Every night, he personally led the team to patrol, and strengthened the construction of community physical and technical defense, further improving the prevention efficiency.Through unremitting efforts, dongsheng Park community security situation has been significantly improved.Huaqing Jiayuan is close to the wudaokou downtown business district, with more than 200 bottom businesses and a lively bar street to the east. The public security situation here can be called the “barometer” of the whole Zhongguancun area.”How can we really build a Great Wall of community security so that people can live and work in peace and contentment?”After repeated research, 闫昕 zhuo again big moves – a jurisdiction of merchants “peace order collaboration guild”, in view of the community policing and traffic order, nuisance, health problems, such as cultivating, collaboration, autonomy, a line, and with “small WeChat” leverage “policing”, set up the police team WeChat group of 18 districts social ZongZhi power more than 1000 people,The concept of joint construction, joint governance and sharing has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The surrounding public security environment has become better, and the merchants have put up their thumbs: “Officer Yan has done a great practical thing for us!”In 2021, after eight years as a community police officer, Yan xinzhuo stepped into a leadership position as deputy director of the Zhongguancun Police Station and leader of the Third Community Police Team.The job has changed and the responsibility on his shoulders has become heavier. The only thing that remains unchanged is Yan xinzhuo’s original aspiration to serve the people.There are dozens of scientific research institutes and researchers in Zhongguancun area. How to better serve the scientific research institutes and scientists in zhongguancun area has become yan Xinzhuo’s most frequent question.For this reason, Yan quickly adjusted his status and consulted with experienced community leaders with an open mind. With eight years of accumulated experience of community police, yan quickly adapted to the new post and got to know the basic situation of the community in charge of the police team.Shortly after taking over the new community, Yan found that there were many elderly people living alone.These old people when young for the motherland scientific research career dedication of youth, such as old children and because of work and other reasons not around, usually contact with new things less opportunity, it is easy to become the target of fraudsters.闫昕 zhuo see in the eye, nasty in the heart, and community work is the top priority to the interests of the masses, he immediately led police system to sort out the old people group common type, prone to fraud, and print the list of things to prevent prompt post within the community bulletin boards, corridor, elevator, fraud prevention propaganda lectures regularly in the community, to the old people to popularize knowledge of the latest fraud prevention.One day in October 2021, Li Auntie, who lives in a family affiliated hospital of a research institute, rushed to the police station to report to the police that she had received a strange phone call, the other party claimed to kidnap Li auntie’s son and demanded 300,000 yuan ransom.Aunt Li quickly tried to contact her son in another city, but the phone was disconnected, which made her anxious.At this time, Li Aunt suddenly thought of the community police had in the prevention of telecommunications network fraud lectures on similar cases, then with uneasy mood came to the police station for help.After listening to Aunt Li’s description, the police concluded that this is a typical case of “false kidnapping for money” telecom fraud, they comforted Aunt Li don’t worry, and helped her contact her son.After confirming her son’s safety, Li Auntie’s heart was put down.闫昕 zhuo captained the third community policing community police, give full play to “wear uniforms, vice secretary of” role, for jurisdiction “of experts, high knowledge level, education institutions” more prominent characteristics, such as community party committee and party construction coordination committee, build a community “service scientists” system, as a whole to solve residents, business services and other issues, community policing team to participate in all the way,In the household visit, conflict resolution, dispute mediation and other aspects to provide a full range of work security.In the past year, the police team has received more than 10 times such as pennants and letters of commendation from residents.With the transformation and upgrading of zhongguancun area, the former bustling electronic stores no longer bustling in the past.As the only online and offline electronic stores in Zhongguancun area, the express trucks, trucks and private cars coming and going in front of zhongguancun Science and Trade Building are like flowing blood, showing the vitality of the building’s life, but accompanied by warnings, disputes and complaints.The police team managed by Yan Xinzhuo has three policemen stationed at the police station of Kemao Building, ready to deal with all kinds of cases at any time.At the end of 2021, a merchant of the building and a customer walked noisily into the Police station of kemao Building.”Comrade policeman, give your opinion!This man is calling me a liar!””You are a fraud!Police station on duty police quickly greeted two people to sit down to drink saliva, slowly to two people understand the matter.It turned out that the customer xiao Zhou had bought a new mobile phone in the building a few months ago and wanted to sell it recently. A search on the Internet showed that the phone could sell for 2,400 yuan.Who knows a building, merchant boss says the configuration of this mobile phone is worth 1600 yuan only, both differ price is bigger, small week sentiment is urgent under and boss rang rang rises, say merchant is “fraud”!Merchant a listen to which stem, both sides will pull to find police comment.After understanding the context of the matter, the police side to appease the emotions of both sides, while opening the second-hand mobile phone trading platform query, platform information shows that this mobile phone xiao Zhou, really can only sell about 1600 yuan, before showing 2400 yuan, because xiao Zhou remember the wrong configuration of the mobile phone.The misunderstanding was resolved and Zhou apologized to the merchant.Such episodes are staged every day in the store, Yan Xinzhuo and the police station of the police repeatedly study the types of conflicts and disputes common in the store, due to the situation to do a good job to resolve the contradictions.In the past year, we have properly solved nearly 100 shopping disputes by practicing the “Fengqiao Experience” of the new era and effectively maintained the order of the shopping mall.Yan and his colleagues at the police station are just like band conductors, taking into account the legitimate rights and interests of merchants and customers, handling every case prudently, and contributing to the prosperity and development of Zhongguancun.”As a police officer, you have to protect the safety of the people under your jurisdiction based on your duty.The people’s recognition of me is the biggest compliment to me.In the future work, I will give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of grassroots leading cadres, stand good guard for the people, serve good service, not trust, not great trust!”

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