“The Beginning” finale to blow up the kiss, everyone sour?

The beginning, a hit drama with infinite flow, loops, a bus explosion, and a murderer, has come to an end in anticipation of the audience.The cycle is broken, all the regrets turn out to be wonderful, and every little person we know has achieved the great fulfillment of life.It’s the best ending, but it’s also the most suspenseful.The most romantic scene in the final episode is bai jingting’s kiss with Zhao Jinmai.Li Shiqing worry that there is no next cycle, wake up what do not remember, Xiao Heyun said he will remember each other.Xiao Heyun also said, “Even if you forget me, I will take the initiative to find you, and then say to you, hello, my name is Xiao Heyun, would you like to be my girlfriend?”Li shiqing was silent for a moment and responded with “I do.”Then the two people went deep and kissed.See here must be everyone has been screaming!The lemon’s sour! It’s killing me!Meanwhile, I wish the two actors better and better in the interpretation of the road!

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