The first plenary (expanded) meeting of Heze Ecological and Environmental Protection Committee in 2022 was held

The public network, poster journalists Chen-guang zhao xuan correspondent rizhao-heze ring heze reported on March 28, 2022 heze city ecological environment protection committee all (expand) the meeting for the first time, summarizes the work, analysis of the situation, task arrangement, mobilize the whole city coagulation hearts meet force, pressure endeavour, sustained and in-depth play pollution control to be completed.Zhang Lun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, attended the meeting and made a speech. Li Chunying, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting. The director and deputy director of the Municipal Ecological and Environmental Protection Committee and the principal persons in charge of the municipal member units attended the meeting.At the meeting, the ecological and environmental quality of the city in 2021 and the control of winter prevention work from 2021 to 2022 were reported.Shan County, Dingtao district around the typical practices of air pollution control, existing problems and the next step plan to speak;Juye, Dongming county around the typical practices of water pollution control, existing problems and the next step to speak;Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, Municipal Urban Management Bureau and Municipal Water Resources Bureau respectively spoke about fulfilling their responsibilities of ecological and environmental protection.Zhang pointed out that since last year, the city has earnestly implemented relevant decisions, plans and work requirements, adopted comprehensive measures to address both the symptoms and root causes, and achieved a good start to the 14th Five-Year Plan. However, there are still many outstanding problems that need to be solved according to the requirements of the authorities and the expectations of the people.At present, the problems are still prominent and the tasks are arduous. We must pay high attention to them, fulfill our responsibilities, press ahead, focus on our work priorities, and take strong measures to do all we can to meet all targets and tasks for 2022.Zhang called on the central and provincial environmental inspectors to focus on the feedback of problems, focusing on the rectification of prominent problems, to promote continuous improvement of ecological and environmental quality.We will focus on indicators such as ozone, particulate matter, and the number of days with heavy pollution, strengthen comprehensive control, and work tirelessly to improve air quality.We need to carry out the “two cleaning up and one upgrading of standards” in different categories, strengthen the treatment of rural domestic sewage, do a good job in emergency response to river water quality during flood season and control fluoride targets, and ensure that river sections under national and provincial control meet the standards.We need to ensure the safe use of soil, identify and rectify sources, continue to improve soil quality, and firmly hold the bottom line of ecological and environmental safety.Zhang stressed that responsibilities should be strictly implemented, and pressure should be transmitted at all levels to form a strong joint force for environmental protection.We need to strengthen assessment and oversight, step up accountability, and ensure that all work is fully implemented.We need to carry forward the work style of “strict, meticulous, practical and fast” and strengthen it to ensure solid results in pollution prevention and control work.The meeting will be held by video, and each county and district will set up a sub-venue. All members of the county and district ecological and environmental protection Committee and the main leaders of the party and government of the township (sub-district) will attend the meeting.

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