This group of people take the initiative to protect the peace of the first line

On the occasion of the New Year, when the family reunion, celebrating the festival, the long xin store street has such a group of people, they used to wear military uniform, now leave the barracks they carry forward the style, volunteered to guard the area of peace in the first line.On the eve of the Spring Festival, 11 volunteers from the community veterans Volunteer service team in Zhujiafen South District put themselves on the frontline of epidemic prevention and control.They stick to the entrance and exit of the community, to measure the temperature of people in and out, sweep the code, persuade residents to keep a safe distance;Shuttle in the community, holding a small speaker to mobilize residents to participate in nucleic acid testing.During the Winter Olympic Games, retired military volunteers are on duty and patrol in the area to ensure the safety of the community.In addition, zhao Shugeng, 82, a former soldier in the poetry group, wrote a poem to help the Winter Olympics.These ex-servicemen are helping the epidemic prevention and control efforts in their jurisdictions.The next long xin dian street will continue to do a good job during the Winter Olympics, winter Paralympics service guarantee work.Source Fengtai Newspaper long xin store street editor cao Yan Lake

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