You’re in mourning, can you stop spreading negativity around, please?

What, just because I’m a girl?So I have to write your disgusting copy?Not to be happy is to destroy the happiness of others.I also see those who curse others that the happier they are, the worse their fate.I’m speechless.Why do I have to write for you women?I’m so ashamed of you, all of you, one by one, hanging out with someone else’s boyfriend.Even your ex-boyfriend, I can see why he doesn’t want you.You said five hours of writing, five hours of sad writing?I thought all the women in the world had been broken up, so I rushed to speak, and then I got dumped.Don’t you count?You’re just so sad. You sun your wounds everywhere. Will they heal?Aren’t you afraid I’ll sprinkle the salt?Take a step back. Who hasn’t broken up?Are you the only one special?Also, if you are pursued, do not harass others, they are very happy, at least than with you in happiness.I am too anxious, you each break hand to take things hard every day, so fragile, the boy really dare not marry, this is the ancestor oh, easily sensitive fragile, a cry two make three hanged, who dare to want you?Is this not suffering?Baby.There is a girl I have no language, I can brush every day, originally not good-looking, a cry more disgusted, a day to brush a lot of back, to tell the truth, too a disgrace.If you didn’t break up, deliberately take, then you are really good enough, really can cry, cry every day, surely eyes will look better, isn’t it?Oh, good. I’m so relieved to see you’re both broken up.At least the men stayed away from you, and I, the woman, could only watch you cry your eyes out while I was eating melon seeds and commenting: Here we go again.Ha ha da.

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