Deyang Luojiang: Focus on specialized family farms and get together for heating

Sichuan Economic network Deyang news (Wang Kaihuan reporter Yan Xinyu article/figure) recently, Deyang City Luojiang Yuanbaoshan high quality thousand acres of citrus construction contract ceremony held in the district new Sheng Town Laojun village.It is reported that the main signing content for fruit tree planting technology services.Signing ceremony “Baoshan Laojun village, pollution-free products to improve, ensure quality to compete, beyond the next hard-hearted products, in order to improve the big action, formally established to bid farewell, occupy the market to be stable, green products to control……”With the catchy allegro performance, the signing ceremony opened in the laughter of the fruit farmers.Citrus by the local 18 citrus planting family farms composed of fruit sweet cooperative and Luo Jiang “soil expert” Liu Fudong signed a thousand acres of citrus high-quality construction agreement.Through group development, closely centering on the goals of “large-scale planting, brand building, market marketing, scientific management and protection”, we will build brands and occupy the market, take the development of citrus industry as an important starting point to promote rural revitalization, and continue to increase production and income.citrus In recent years, luojiang district according to gather resources, adjust measures to local conditions to develop characteristic industrial demands for reform for citrus ShiFanPian for area established, has now formed a continuous spring planting, jedaiah mandarin, see you tomorrow, love, gentle, and other high-quality citrus varieties, an area of 6000 mu, nearly 100000 trees for mature citrus industry area.”I have more confidence in the future of our high quality citrus lajun village, by professional teacher Liu for our technical guidance, our fruit can be like teacher Liu planted fruit, color, size uniform, taste comfortable, after the sale will not worry!”Liang Chunhua, head of Mingyi Family Farm, laughs as she takes photos.”I am now in charge of technical guidance in Yuanbaoshan. I will try my best to improve the quality of fruit in this area and improve the overall agricultural industry in Luojiang. Next, I will pass on all practical experience to them, teach them hand in hand, and lead them to become rich and become professional.”After signing the contract on the same day, Liu fudong said that in the future, he will devote himself to the green development of the fruit and sweet cooperative.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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