Financial tycoon not chicken baby, only ask son wide girlfriend, rich men raise children are so wild

Not afraid of men not chicken baby, afraid of men blind chicken baby.Women teach children, more or less to a manageable extent.At best, it’s a borderline between tiger moms and compassionate moms, with some more tiger than others.At the very least, it’s manageable, as far as humans can understand.Men teach children, but not always.They often have all kinds of operations that women don’t understand.For example, I have a friend’s husband who always believes that his son’s poor grades are just a failure to understand, and he never helps his children with their homework.Mom helps with homework, and he talks about it.The central idea is that learning is a baby’s own thing, he was no one to help when he was young, is not to junior high school automatically become excellent students…Another friend, every time she wanted to sign up for a class for her child, her husband would say: “There is nothing to learn, I will teach it myself.”The point is, he doesn’t have much time to teach his kids.It is said that the child has been learning swimming from his father for two years and still can’t dog paddle.Men in the education of the next generation, maintain their consistent general and trusted nature, always think that children wind big, as long as there is their DNA, no matter how bad it is.But these fathers are nothing compared to a certain financial mogul.Financial tycoon Ding mou, the originator of quantitative investment field, it is said that the funds under his management are no less than 5 billion YUAN, but also often go to Tsinghua, Peking University and other top universities to give lectures.Supposedly, this kind of top elite has achieved financial freedom, even if the head iron is not afraid of the curse of “rich but three generations”, do not spend effort to cultivate the child into elite, at least let the child become an honest rent collector!But they wouldn’t.Someone in Ding is determined to train his son to become a “dumas” (not to train his son to become a writer Dumas, but to keep the stud everywhere).His bizarre remarks are totally disheartening.Ding mou said, he is not chicken baby, the child also have no other expectations, just want to let his son find a few women, more than a few baby.In order to achieve this goal, men who cheat and play with women’s feelings start with children.Ding someone from primary school to his son with a mobile phone, and his son to save money, let little Ding Ding please class girls to eat snacks, did not learn binary equation, first learn to brush the good impression of girls.Tintin is now in his second year of junior high school, and as he gets older, the amount of girls he can pick up has been greatly increased.Lao Ding put tens of thousands of yuan in his son’s card.The dating program has also been upgraded from treating girls to snacks to treating them to dinner.Thanks to the joint efforts of his father and son, Tintin already has two girlfriends at the age of two in middle school.At present is step by step toward the direction that old Ding envisages.Jeong has even more powerful remarks, in order to little Ding ding can be as early as possible, in the position of cheating and playing with women’s feelings of men shine, when the university can give birth to small Ding, let him have a grandson as soon as possible.In other parents to help their children’s homework, Ding has found a new way, specialized tutoring small Ding Ding “physical health”, “eugenics” and so on indescribable secrets.People who are supposed to feel a little ashamed, even if they think so, don’t say it.Never eaten pork, always seen pigs run.There’s a lot of dirty spots in there, so cover it up and don’t scare ordinary people.But after the speech was exposed, Ding mou not only does not converge, but fearless, do not care, oath to open branches scattered leaves plan to the end.How could someone with an above-average IQ, a PhD and a career that has reached the ceiling have such a bizarre idea?Through the analysis of his remarks, it is not difficult to see that there are two main starting points of Ding.First, he is already afraid of reading.High education does not mean high quality, high education often just means a long time to study hard.He worked his way from a small town to a master’s degree in electronics, to a master’s degree in automation, and to a doctor’s degree in computer science.You can imagine how much care and effort he put into it.Not counting university, he studied for 10 years from master’s degree to doctor’s degree.In layman’s terms, reading hurts.People might think that students with good grades are not afraid to learn and learn easily.In fact, barring a few genuine geniuses, the vast majority of high-achieving students simply work harder than average.Twenty or thirty years of hard study, let Ding mou tired of learning, do not want his son to follow in his footsteps.For example, when a poor man becomes rich, the first thing he does is to prevent his children from suffering.They may not be what their children really want, but parents just can’t help it.What they really want to compensate for is their childhood self.Unfortunately, time can not go back, can only take the child as their own projection.I have a friend who was poor and could only wear a pair of straw sandals to school.My toes were numb with cold during class.Don’t mention frostbite. Your feet are freezing.When he grew up, he loved to buy shoes and socks, not only for himself, but also for his children.They buy expensive shoes for their children even though they know their feet grow fast and will not last long.Another example is my mother, when she was a child during the famine era, often hungry, not enough to eat.The feeling of hunger is hard to endure. If you are hungry for a long time, your stomach is on fire.So she couldn’t bear to miss a bite of her child’s meal.When my baby is small, my mother feeds rice, certain fortress arrives baby can not eat, quick vomited just go.Not a bite less.(Then I stopped letting her feed!)It’s like the old saying, what’s missing is missing.Apparently, Ding worked hard at school and didn’t want his son to suffer.All he wants now is for his son to get laid.So what does Ding lack?The answer is obvious: lack of women.A nerdy boy who read only sage books when he was young, as soon as he got rich, wanted his son to learn to pick up as many girls as possible.I’m afraid dad got rejected a lot when he was young.Or feel inferior and dare not confess to the girl you admire at all.This oppressive, to his success and fame, the day of gold just completely burst out.But the son is hardly supposed to make up for it.Generally speaking, men become bad when they are rich. Just like the tycoon who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars before, he has publicly stated that his goal is to have more sons. Where does he need to borrow his son’s hand?I’m afraid someone has no choice but to pin his hopes on his son.But here’s a word of advice to parents: Whatever you try to compensate your child for, it often backfires.Because that’s what parents lack, not what children lack.The child will wonder why something is being shoved at him when he doesn’t need it.I don’t believe you to look, picky food children are often chased to feed food stuffing.The more parents and grandparents make every effort to cook for their children, the less rare the baby is.Some parents failed to learn painting, dancing or piano when they were young, dreaming that a child could realize their dreams, so they blindly force their children to learn this and that.The result baby is abnormal dislike this hobby.The harder the parents push, the more rebellious the baby becomes.No child is born to fulfill his or her parents’ wishes or dreams.Even if temporarily wronged themselves, cater to their parents, it will not last.Even dreams as ridiculous as picking up girls may not work.Maybe the more Ding tries to turn Tinky Winky into a cheating man, the more he wants to meet a woman who really likes him, not for money, but for who he is. (Or maybe he gets bored with women at a young age and starts to like men.)When the time comes, ding someone with a basket of water, little Ding Ding prodigal son turned back, became a feeling than jin Jian spoony male.Never go to a chicken baby to fulfill an unfulfilled wish, unless the child chooses to do so.

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