Jidu announced the completion of nearly $400 million A round of financing mass production models in 2023

On January 26, Baidu’s smart car brand Jidu announced that it has completed A series A financing of nearly $400 million, which was jointly increased by Baidu and strategic partner Geely.After the financing is completed, Jidu will continue to accelerate the development and mass production process, the first car robot concept car will be released at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year, and the mass production model will be launched in 2023.Data shows that in January 2021, Baidu announced to build cars, reassemble to form an intelligent car company.In March, Jidu was established and received more than $300 million in start-up capital.At present, the electronic and electrical architecture JET1.0 developed by Jidu, as well as SOA, autonomous driving system, core computing platform and related sensors are further iterating in vector production state.In addition, the design of interior and exterior decoration and all parts of the first mass production vehicle of Jidu auto robot has gradually entered the development stage of mass production molds.According to the introduction, the successful completion of a new round of financing, help set degree in the car robot research and development and mass production process press the acceleration button.In the future, Jidu will increase the introduction and training of cutting-edge talents in high-level autonomous driving, intelligent cockpit, intelligent manufacturing and other related fields;Accelerate the system construction of user development and operation in the intelligent vehicle market, and ensure that in 2023, the first automotive robot product of Jidu, which has excellent user experience, quality and cost advantages and defines the benchmark of intelligent vehicles, will be presented to the market and the majority of consumers.Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, said, “Just 10 months after launching, we have successfully verified our efficient vehicle robot development process with cutting-edge AI technology, high-quality vehicle platform and manufacturing processes.The brain, nerve and trunk of the car robot developed by Jidu are all developing efficiently. When the product is delivered, it will be a benchmarking mass production product.I would also like to thank the entire 0-1 team, who are dreamers and brave explorers.Going forward, we will continue to focus on product development and bring together more entrepreneurial partners to advance in the era of smart cars and provide users with more revolutionary products beyond their expectations.”

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