Liu Bang hardly defeated Xiang Yu. Why did he become emperor? What was the reason?

In the turbulent history at the end of Qin Dynasty, Liu Bang should be said to have the last laugh, but xiang Yu, who was favored by everyone at that time, finally lost, which made many people sigh, so many people have different views on this matter.In my opinion, xiang Yu lost to Liu Bang mainly due to the following factors: one is xiang Yu’s own character defects, and the other is Liu Bang’s unique way of controlling people.In fact, after Xiang Yu overthrew the Qin Dynasty, his popularity reached its peak, and all the princes were afraid of him, including Liu Bang. But just when everyone thought xiang Yu could build a dynasty as brilliant as the Qin dynasty, his approach disappointed many people.Because he chose celebrates its location is not in the guanzhong, but returned to his hometown Peng Cheng, it fully shows the inheritance of the he does not have this achievement Wang Ba ability, his first thought is not how to consolidate the victory, but to show and his own countrymen, it is destined to his enemy but xiang yu, this is one aspect of his failure.In addition, Xiang Yu was far behind Liu Bang in terms of personnel. A simple comparison of the people around him will show that Xiang Yu had only an increase in the number of advisers, while Liu Bang was full of talented people.And, ironically, xiang Yu drove many of them away and gave them to Liu Bang, because he was really bad at judging people.Han Xin was known to all. Xiang Yu felt that Han Xin had no backbone, looked down upon him and did not give him much importance. As a result, Han Xin left angrily, and Chen Ping did the same.Let’s look at how Liu Bang dealt with the relationship with his subordinates. At the beginning, although Han Xin did not have the merit of size, Liu Bang still opened the voice to unconditionally meet his requirements. In fact, Liu Bang was very smart, even if he looked wrong, he would not suffer a loss.It will give the impression that he is a man who values talent, and it will attract more people to his staff, which is a good thing.Did Liu Bang’s attitude change when Han Xin made great achievements in the later period?Affirmation is some, liu bang idea suspicious for feats of han xin, in addition to his joy, more is fear, afraid of han xin he will have other idea, trembling all day long, but he could do no leakage, even when took the qi han xin, ask him to do a king, though he fire emit three zhangs, but instantly think good tactic to deal with,To han Xin’s satisfaction.Let’s imagine what will happen if xiang yu, he will not tolerate this, may direct the righteous with the wicked han xin also perhaps, this is quite busy with the biggest difference between two people, liu bang to be able to tolerate the intolerable, xiang yu so can get of xiang yu can’t get, this is also understandable.To sum up, the reason why liu bang in the case of underdog can counter attack, first of all, so his way of controlling people he knows to accept the opinions of others, also know how to make different people all around him, this is done, xiang yu followed by xiang yu always assists, for he has sent a lot of reading.Xiang Yu was a true hero, so he was doomed to loneliness, no one could fight with him, and on the road of fighting for the world, he was not enough to deal with liu Bang’s army and horses, and this was the reason for his final defeat.

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