Pair together to visit warm people’s hearts

Rednet Moment Changsha, January 29 (correspondent Deng Mei) In the coming of the Spring Festival, in order to further exert the organizational force, on the morning of January 28, the Party Committee of Zhanggongling Village and the joint construction unit of Changsha Rural Commercial Bank Co., LTD yuanda Branch carried out the Spring Festival sympathy and warmth activities.For the area of the elderly living alone and children in difficulties to send gifts for life, study and the care and warmth of the Party organization, and extend New Year wishes to them.First came to live alone old party member Chen Bingyan home, a door village party committee deputy secretary Tan Fang put rice, oil, said enthusiastically: “Bing Zai, the Spring Festival is coming, we give you worship an early years!”The old man thanked him and turned around to take out the “glory in the party for 50 years” commemorative medal awarded to him on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party and said: “I want to wear this commemorative medal and take a picture with you. This is not only an honor for me, but also a witness and praise. I am very grateful to the organization for my concern.”After the group photo, Tan Fang had a detailed understanding of Chen bingyan’s body and living conditions, and told the elderly to pay attention to electricity safety at home and contact us in time.Then came to the disabled children where flourishing home, Tan Fang for children to send school supplies and New Year’s blessing, understand the child’s body and life, told his mother if there are difficulties in time to reflect, the organization will help him to solve practical problems, solve problems.The activity visited 4 households of elderly people living alone and 4 children in need.Zhang Gongling village Party committee will continue to deepen the “party building cohesion” project, strengthen the pair of joint construction, cohesion service of the masses, seriously do the work before the festival, the warmth of the party and the government to the poor people home, so that the organization care zero distance, to ensure that they spend a happy, peaceful, festive New Year’s Day.

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