Songshan Road School, Erqi District: A hundred flowers bloom together to promote excellence

Zhongyuan Network news (Zhao Wenyuan correspondent Zheng Huijie) since the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, the Songshan Road school in Erqi District has taken many measures in parallel to leverage the school “double reduction” work with the high quality of the classroom.Recently, songshan Road, Erqi District middle school department through the promotion of excellent class display, explore the “double reduction” era of new classroom.Professor Hu Shengchao of physics led students to feel the existence of atmospheric pressure and let students stand on the “shoulders of giants” to feel the charm of science through coherent and wonderful experiments and interlocking teaching process.Mathematics group Chai Xiaohong teacher and Wang Jie teacher “understanding fractions” each has its strengths.Based on students’ existing knowledge and experience, Teacher Chai leads students to experience the fun of mathematical thinking through mathematical thinking method.Teacher Wang initiated the cognitive conflicts between fractions and integrals from the sitcom, eliciting the key and difficult points, and incorporated the learning of specific concepts into the general ideas and methods of studying mathematical problems.Teacher Liu Yang of the body and sound beauty group taught students the core qualities of healthy behavior, athletic ability and sports morality through single practice, cooperation between two people and cooperation between many people.The English teachers, Long and Mei and Ding Meihua, made use of the mascots of the Winter Olympic Games and the cries of imitation animals and pandas to focus students’ attention quickly and actively mobilize the background knowledge about pandas.In the teaching process, reverse teaching design is adopted, and special attention is paid to the cultivation of the value of students’ emotional attitude.The hierarchical homework design gives full consideration to the initiative and difference of students, so that students can experience the happiness of learning and success.After the demonstration, each teaching and research group discussed the teaching design concept and teaching situation in time to promote the improvement of classroom teaching in the future.Excellent awards will be awarded in a fair and enlightened manner.The Academic Affairs Office of the school will award prizes to outstanding teachers, encouraging teachers to learn from others’ strengths, breaking through teaching bottlenecks and further optimizing classroom teaching.Education is long, research is endless, seeking common ground while reserving differences can flourish.The development of the excellent class has built a platform for teachers of all disciplines to learn from each other, exchange and progress, and constantly exchange and collide ideas, laying a solid foundation for creating an “efficient class”.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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