Xi TiBYD Qin PLUS opened 7200 km, 140,000 it has what insufficiency?The car owner said the truth

Everybody is good!I am the owner of Qin PLUS, from Anyang. The model I proposed is “2021 DM-I 120KM flagship model “. The purchase price is 140,000 yuan, the driving distance is 7,200 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 4.0L.A, I choose the car journey whole give me a sense of control is also very good, open space, the configuration is comprehensive, feel comfortable and comfortable, and fine workmanship with makings is very exquisite, appearance level sex is very strong, very high seat package space is almost no influence on me, the shape of the car is also very handsome, well worth.The appearance of the body has always been highly praised, giving me a more comfortable feeling, fullness of the body or the smoothness of the line, anyway, all just right, the car has a cool feeling with a simple beauty of not making public, which is also my favorite design of the car.Central part I feel very good-looking, basically pick on nothing is too big, not too complicated lines, every driving experience is to enjoy, this car is not particularly strong taste, will not let people sit in the car feel uncomfortable inside, very clear and easy to operate, the interior as a whole do very good.Three, a feeling space needless to say, or in place of all kinds of storage space design, sit in the front of the car drive without stress, sit and I no longer feel more uncomfortable, he had a little less storage space and in front of the main driving leg space is big, a little won’t feel crowded, I won’t feel depressed and cramped, sit inside to driveI felt respectable enough to be able to unpack.Usually open more comfortable, seat comfort is very good, sitting in the car is very soft, the car’s shock absorption is good, in use you will feel is very comfortable to give you the feeling, driving on the high speed, the car with music, greatly improve the overall feeling of the car, in comfort or relatively can.Four, power and control in the process of the acceleration is not dull, I feel can also speed up, can very good to adapt to different road conditions, overtaking loos, also is very satisfied, I need traffic lights started the first running out of time feel very to force, the dynamic continuous output sex is very strong,It’s very smooth and very safe to drive.Handling aspects still feel pretty good, feeling the steering wheel and the sort of, refers to where to play feeling is very strong, the home also very worry, this is also a place, I was very pleased to control special smoothly and quickly release the steering wheel will not run under the condition of partial, the car some configuration of auxiliary driving, let the car become more freely,The control parts are very well designed.In terms of fuel consumption, Qin Plus is still a good car, but the overall energy consumption does not have a big impact on my car, which is acceptable to me.1. The biggest bright spot.The overall reputation and quality I think are no problem, the space performance of the car, is a relatively excellent level, the space in the car is fully adequate, especially suitable for the consumption level of young people now, the operation experience of the central control position is OK, is simple but does not lose connotation.2. The disadvantages of this car.The recognition is very high, is my favorite style, the car is really very rich in all aspects of configuration, the appearance is not lost momentum.3. Is it worth buying?The car price is very high control is positive, or have his prominent place, can also play a role in growing China in working life, buy like the look and color, from inside to outside will feel worth every penny words, it is not easy to a small problem, the overall price also makes me quite satisfactory.

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