202 million!Beijing’s top villas to restart the judicial auction department Taihe China yard “Purple Que”

From April 30, 2022 to May 1, 2022, The Second Intermediate People’s Court of Tianjin will conduct the first auction of 101 houses and residential auxiliary houses on the 1st to 2nd floors of Building 117, Puxin Nanli, Tongzhou District, Beijing, on the platform of Ali Judicial Auction network. The building area is 1,837.61 square meters, and the starting price is 20,218,233 million yuan.30% off the appraised value.Upstream news reporters learned that the property for Beijing’s top villa Tai He · China yard “purple que”, the auction for Tai He group’s Beijing Tai He real estate Development Co., LTD. (Beijing Tai He real estate) unable to pay debts, and was applied for court enforcement by creditors.A-share listed company Taihe Group (000732) used to be China’s top 20 real estate enterprises, April 1, Taihe Group reported 3.36 yuan, down 2.04%, the turnover rate of 8.34%, the total market value of 8.383 billion yuan.Started building surface upstream news reporter learns about 110000 yuan per square meter, the auction target in Beijing tongzhou district PuXinNa 117-1 to 2 layers of 101 residential building, residential auxiliary USES real estate, in a village of taihe, yard in China, is located in Beijing tongzhou LuCheng outside the east six ring region, south adjacent tidal distributary, installment sales, the village is still in sales.The property named “Zique”, owned by Beijing Taihe Real Estate alone, for residential, residential auxiliary housing, for commercial housing, reinforced concrete structure, is transferred urban residential land (low density residential), termination date for February 7, 2073.The building area of this property is 1837.61 square meters, apportioned land area is 3767.352 square meters, the single-family villa has three floors, two floors above ground, one floor underground, for the north two south three types, the south for the courtyard, built in 2010.The starting price of the real estate in the field is 202.18233 million yuan, and the appraised value is 288.8319 million yuan, which is a 30% discount from the appraised value.The deposit is 32,341,728 million yuan, and the starting price is about 110,000 yuan per square meter.Citizens, legal persons and other organizations with full capacity for civil conduct can participate in the bidding.If laws, regulations, judicial interpretations or national policies have special requirements on the qualifications or conditions of the buyer, the bidder shall have the prescribed qualifications or conditions.Upstream news reporters learned that the Taihe · China yard “purple que”, originally scheduled on February 25 to 26 this year 202 million yuan auction, was suspended, at that time showed that the reason for the case outsiders put forward objections to the execution of the lawsuit.Now, restart the first auction, linyun capital he Qing believes that this means the relevant matters withdrawn or rejected.The villa property costs up to 55000 yuan a year, according to public information, taihe, courtyard is located in chang an avenue east starting point, China is located in the beijing-hangzhou grand canal river, Beijing tong yan high-speed and changan avenue line are interlinked, just 20 minutes can be smoothly to the CBD, 81000 square meters grand canal enjoy private native riverbank forest, for the Beijing taihe real estate development,The courtyard of Zhongtaihe · China is jointly designed by Chinese master architect Zhang Yonghe and many masters at home and abroad.On April 27, 2014, Taihe Group officially signed the contract with international superstar Jackie Chan. Thanks to the planning of the ultra-low plot ratio of 0.33, the courtyard area of each courtyard is larger than the building area, with the minimum of 1 mu and the maximum of 6 mu.Anjuke data show that the average listing price of Taihe · China Yard in April this year is 119,421 yuan per square meter, and the property fee is 2.5 yuan per square meter per month. The total number of households is 143, with a total floor area of 107,800 square meters, a plot ratio of 0.33, and a greening rate of 68.52%.Industry insiders point out that, according to the construction area, the auction of “Purple Que” villa building surface 1837.61 square meters, the property fee is 4600 yuan a month, a year is 55,000 yuan.The auction for The Taihe Group (000732) Beijing Taihe real estate insolvency, and the creditors applied for court enforcement, on July 13, 2021, involving an amount of about 358.5 million yuan.Through layer upon layer penetrate, taihe group last year to profit day for a-share listed company taihe group holdings (000732), taihe investment group co., LTD., for the first big shareholder taihe group, holding 1.145 billion shares, 46% stake, Huang Qisen for taihe investment group co., LTD., real people, eventually human Huang Qisen actual control of listed companies.Taihe group was founded in 1996 and successfully went public in 2010, the only real estate company listed in China that year, according to its website.Many high-quality projects are located in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region centered in Beijing, the Yangtze River Delta centered in Shanghai, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area centered in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the Upstream of Fuzhou news reporters learned that Taihe Group’s operating revenue in 2020 was 3.615 billion yuan, down 84.7% year on year;Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was -4.999 billion yuan, down 1,171.83% year-on-year.In terms of performance this year, the company expects a net profit of 101 million yuan to 132 million yuan in 2021.Upstream news chief reporter Liu Yong intern Zhang Luyu

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