A BMW driver in Dalian killed five people and injured eight after crashing into pedestrians because of failed investments

Liu Dong, the BMW driver who drove into a crowd at a zebra crossing in Dalian, killing five people and injuring eight others, had appealed against his death sentence at the first trial.On February 9, the Liaoning High People’s Court ruled against Liu dong’s appeal and sentenced him to death at the second trial.After hearing the verdict, many netizens flooded the comments section of the screen. Some local netizens said that after watching the accident, every time she passed the road, or even when crossing the road, she would remember the scene of passers-by being hit, which left a serious shadow on her. Some netizens said that Liu Dong deserved the death sentence.Back in the May 22, 2021, liudong driving a black BMW, appear in the labor park at a traffic light near intersection, green light, the crowd waiting at the zebra crossing to crossing the street, they didn’t know, waiting for their is a god of death arrival, Liu Dongjiao trample accelerator into a crowd, a few seconds, a group of people was flying out dozens of meters.Video footage showed the front of the BMW badly damaged, with a large gaping hole in the left side of the windshield, but Liu did not stop and ran away after rear-ending a lorry.That afternoon, Liu Dong went to the police station to surrender himself, claiming to have a collision with a truck, but said nothing about the collision.Under the investigation of the police, it was determined that Liu Dong was the suspect of the zebra crossing collision, and finally Liu Dong confessed to the whole process and cause of the crime.According to Liu dong, he suddenly accelerated into the crowd because he could not accept the fact of the investment, which hit him inside.According to jimei news, Liu Dong is a native of Baicheng, Jilin Province. In 2003, at the age of 24, Liu Dong came to Ming Styling hairdressing shop as a barber. Over the years, he worked step by step and became the technical director of the shop with his own efforts.Mr. Liu took out a loan to buy BMW in 2018 and has yet to repay the loan.The owner of Liu’s salon, Dong Mou Guo, has other businesses, such as corporate management consulting, marketing planning and investment consulting, besides running the salon.Between 2018 and 2019, Dong opened a number of barber shops and made a lot of money with prepaid cards and other methods.According to Liu Dong himself revealed that he had also invested in “Ming modelling”, can get a “bonus” every month.The first trial of the case was held in Dalian Intermediate People’s Compound in October 2021. Li Lin (pseudonym), a family member of the victim, said his father died in a car accident and his mother stayed in an intensive care unit for three months, fearing his emotions would break down, so none of his family attended the trial.Li said that when his mother woke up, she could not remember anything about the day of the accident and lost some of her memory.Li Lin didn’t tell her mother about her father’s death until she was discharged from hospital.After hearing the news of her husband’s death, Li Lin’s mother couldn’t stop crying at the mere mention of his name.Affected by the accident, Li Lin’s mother’s left eye completely blind, the right eye was also affected, the waist fracture can only stoop to walk, rely on sleeping drugs to sleep at night.Some of the materials are from Liaoning High People’s Court and Lin Yikai, editor of Extreme News

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