Famous tumor experts gathered in Linyi to discuss standardized tumor treatment

In order to further enhance the specialization and standardization of tumor treatment and promote the development of tumor discipline construction in Shandong Province, on February 20th, sponsored by shandong Anti-cancer Association and undertaken by Linyi Cancer Hospital, the “Shandong Province tumor standardized treatment Tour qilu tour – Linyi station” was held in Linyi Blue Sea International Hotel.More than 130 medical experts from tumor-related specialties in Shandong province and linyi county and district attended the conference, which opened an academic feast for people’s health and tumor patients.The conference was presided over by Ma Yingxia, president of Linyi Cancer Hospital. Zhang Gaoshan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Linyi Cancer Hospital, Che Fengyuan, President of Linyi People’s Hospital, Academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Yu Jinming, president of Shandong Cancer Hospital delivered speeches respectively.Huang Ying, secretary of the Party Committee of Linyi Central Hospital, served as the host of the first academician forum, and made wonderful comments on the academic reports of Academician Yu Jinming and experts of the Taoist link.Zhang Gaoshan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Linyi Cancer Hospital, first of all welcomed and thanked all the experts and colleagues for coming, thanked Linyi Cancer Hospital for undertaking the first stop of the qilu tour of standardized cancer treatment in Shandong Province, and briefly introduced the standardized diagnosis and treatment of Linyi Cancer Hospital.By tour to understand international advanced tumor diagnosis and treatment technology at home and abroad and the development trend of dynamic, supply, through the expert doctors at all levels to explore, to establish a multidisciplinary comprehensive diagnosis and interaction platform, improve the level of the local doctor’s diagnosis, powerful process of standardization of diagnosis and treatment of tumor, contribute strength to promote the standardized treatment of tumor.Professor Yu Jinming, academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Shandong Cancer Hospital, and Professor Ma Yingxia, president of Linyi Cancer Hospital served as the chairman of the conference.Jin-ming yu academician in his speech, the patrol carried out standardized treatment, cancer prevention and control field in China, the latest medical technology, scientific research, treatment idea, to build a multidisciplinary multidisciplinary tumor prevention and treatment of combining communication platform, provide learning for basic-level hospital tumor doctor, increase opportunities, better benefit in cancer patients, it is important and necessary things.Later, Academician Yu Jinming opened the academic feast with the title of “Challenges and Thoughts of Directors of The New Era”. His wonderful lecture left the experts and scholars present with much interest and benefited a lot.Related experts from hospitals in Shandong province and linyi county and district, academic exchanges and sharing in the academic links of great medicine sincerity, cutting-edge progress, contention of a hundred schools of thought, etc.Experts gave lectures on standardized treatment of head and neck tumors, breast, gynecology, lung, stomach and other tumors.At the same time, the multi-disciplinary comprehensive treatment was discussed aiming at the hot spots of clinical concern.Finally, Academician Yu Jinming and president Ma Yingxia made a summary of the conference.It is of great significance to build a learning exchange platform and gather academic resources for medical oncology workers through the lecture tour to jointly improve academic level, improve tumor diagnosis and treatment ability, standardize tumor diagnosis and treatment behavior, optimize tumor diagnosis and treatment model and establish scientific management mode.Experts attending the meeting expressed that they would take this opportunity to further strengthen academic exchanges and cooperation, work together to explore new methods and technologies for cancer prevention and treatment, and make positive contributions to improving people’s health.Present newspaper melt media reporter Zhang Jianfeng correspondent Ge Tangwei

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