In January 2022 county driving training institutions pass the exam rate, three years of driving age drivers traffic violation rate and traffic accident rate information announcement

In order to further strengthen the supervision of motor vehicle driver training test, effectively improve the training ability and quality of driving training institutions, provide more intuitive choice reference for the masses to learn driving, and promote the healthy and orderly development of driver training test work,In accordance with the requirements of the document “Hainan Provincial Public Security Traffic Control Department to Promote the Implementation of Motor Vehicle Registration inspection and Centralized Rectification of Driver examination” issued by the Provincial Traffic Police Headquarters,The traffic management Brigade of Lingao County Public Security Bureau is now announcing the passing rate of the county’s driving training institutions in January 2022, and the traffic violation rate and traffic accident rate of drivers of three years of driving age to the society as follows:Lingao County Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Brigade February 4, 2022

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