Prohibition is not relaxed!Heze High-tech Zone wanfu Street to carry out the “spring breeze sword” special action

In order to improve the majority of residents on drugs cognitive ability and resist ability, effectively curb drug crimes, enhance the area of the masses of anti-drug awareness, February 19, Heze Wanfu street launched a special crackdown on rectification action.Activities, hanging banners, posted anti-drug slogan, volunteers by anti-drug publicity to the knowledge, launch crowd out consciously poppy, and conclude the types of JinXi undertaking, let the masses to participate in the anti-drug campaign activities, make the “poison illegal, the poison will shovel, kind of poison will investigate” the rule of law concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, effectively raise the anti-drug consciousness of the masses,Resist and report against illegal planting.This activity has effectively improved the majority of people’s knowledge of drugs, and created a strong atmosphere for everyone to participate in the fight against drugs and everyone to resist drugs.The next step, Heze high-tech Zone Wanfu Street will continue to increase management efforts, do a good job of anti-drug publicity, so that the masses firmly establish the concept of “a tree is illegal”, to create a healthy and safe living environment for residents, to build a harmonious society contribution.

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