Angel science: Babies can’t talk?Here’s what you need to know!

1. Slow down Children often speed up their speech to keep pace with their parents when they speak faster.When children speak faster, especially 2-4 year old children, they may appear repetition and drawl phenomenon, so speaking with children slow down is one of the important factors to improve children’s speech fluency.2, change the way of oral communication, reduce the number of questions many parents communicate with their children for questioning, and the problem often stuck the child, so the child’s non-fluent speech increased.Changing the way of oral communication, questioning communication into declarative way, to reduce children’s stuttering is very beneficial.Presentation skills Such as when your child is playing, you replace your usual “what are you playing at, baby?”Baby, you’re playing with blocks.”3. Immediate repetition For children under 3, influency can be reduced if we can repeat what they have just said.As the child says, “Bed…The bed…Bright moon in front of bed…Light “, parents “bed bright moonlight!”When the child suddenly gets stuck, we can ask him what he means by using suggestive language.Like a child: “Mom, I I I…Want to eat, that…That…”Parent: “Honey, do you want some ice cream?”5. Pay more attention and Listen To Children Speech non-fluency increases when children ask their parents to pay attention to what they are saying.Parents pay undivided attention and listen to their children as much as possible;If not, ask the child to wait for a while.Guangzhou Angel Children’s Hospital a healthy child, a happy family!

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