Folk Customs 9: “Tangyuan” and “Yuanxiao” (1) (Origin)

“The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is coming. Shall we buy some yuanxiao?””You are the eldest in the family, you are in charge, I will pay” “Go, XX supermarket to have a look” “Ok, you are welcome first” so, straight to the chilled food department.”Sir, there is only ‘tangyuan’, how come there is no ‘yuanxiao’?””Something like that. What can’t I eat?””No!Can you remember, we are northerners, we want to eat ‘yuanxiao’, not ‘tangyuan’, ok?””Good good, let’s ask the business” unfortunately, the business staff is also do not know, just emphasized her shopping mall to buy this thing, saying that they are the same thing.”You’re a business, and you don’t know the difference?””No idea!Aren’t they all the same?Do you know the difference and where they come from?Why are you so serious?””Girl, what a difference!Well, they are not the same thing because of their origin and different ways of eating them. “” Well, well, do you know astronomy from above, geography from below, and human affairs from above?””Girl, what a funny thing you say!Also don’t say, I still really know, I can simply tell you “” good ah, if you say reasonable, I master, magic also change out of the bag ‘Yuanxiao’ to you” “don’t need!I can still afford it!Speaking of yuanxiao, it originated from the worship of a Taoist deity, Tai Yi.”Know a lot of” “that is, I read fairy tale book grew up drop” “unfortunately, this’ too one ‘is not what you say’ east emperor too one ‘.Taiyi god, the god who dominates everything in the universe, is the main god and emperor of Heaven worshipped by the Court of the Han Dynasty. “Jiao Si Zhi of The Han Dynasty” records: ‘God of heaven, expensive taiyi, Taiyi zuo yue Five emperors’.Han Dynasty, on the fifteenth day of worship!””So that’s an offering?””Good!When the offerings were finished, they were given to the ministers as a sign of royal grace.After the minister returned home, the whole family shared, they all felt delicious, so they ordered the kitchen to imitate, so there is today’s ‘Yuanxiao’ “” Then, what is the origin of ‘tangyuan’?”Tangyuan originated from King Zhao of chu during the Spring and Autumn Period.In the state of Chu, also known as the southern water town, king Zhao was once strolling along the Yangtze River when he saw something floating in the water. It was a kind of sweet food white on the outside and red on the inside.Ancient people are superstitious, and King Zhao is no exception.He did not know, coincidentally, Kong Zhongni came to the State of Chu on a study tour, so the king zhao sent Confucius.’Kongqing, you have seen a lot and know what this is?What does it mean?’ ‘Congratulations to your Majesty, congratulations to your Majesty.Your Majesty, this is the fruit of duckwater, which is also the omen of the revival of the Lord. “Good” King Zhao was delighted, so he presented the gods and held a big banquet in the palace. He ordered the imperial kitchen to make delicacies imitated by this and share them with the ministers to celebrate.”Your Majesty, this sacred object is similar to tuanzi. Why don’t you give it a name?’ ‘Well, if this thing is boiled in the tripod and eaten with soup, it is called tangyuan. What do you think?’Your Majesty is a wise man. You know,’ The King of Chu has a narrow waist, so many people in the court starve to death. ‘That’s a tradition.Because that day, happens to be the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, so, gradually formed the fifteenth day of the custom of eating tangyuan “” Who knows you are not made up?”Even if it’s made up, it has to make sense” (to be continued)

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