Great!James broke two records in a row, the first in history is indisputable!

The NBA All-Star game is approaching, and all – star starters are also selected.Lebron James won the all-star vote this season by a landslide.Although this is not a championship such a substantial honor, but as the NBA annual carnival event, it is enough to show the majority of fans, players and media love and recognition of James!Of all fan votes cast, James received more than 9 million, making him the reigning king.That compares with 7.6 million votes for Curry, the all-time 3-point winner, 6.8 million for Durant, the Eastern Conference champion, and just under 6.5 million for antetokounmpo, last season’s new NBA champion.This is the sixth straight year that James has been voted the all-star vote leader.James was the all-star ticket leader three times before that.That tied him with Michael Jordan for the all-time record for most votes.James, on the other hand, since in addition to his rookie season, has been maintained a continuous all-star starter, a total of 18 times, directly tied the continuous kept by Bryant all-star history record, it is worth mentioning that James and kobe Bryant, 18 times all-star trip is starting, is two person’s sentiment and historical position how horrible!Tied with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in a row, Lebron’s place in history is truly undisputed, and what’s even more frightening is that at 37, James is still at the peak of his career. What a future!

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