Is the resignation of ARM’s CEO related to Nvidia’s abandonment of the acquisition?

Nvidia had been trying to buy ARM for years, so it was predictable that it would drop the deal.In fact, as early as last month, news broke that Nvidia would walk away from buying ARM.And recently, another source said that Nvidia and SoftBank worth about 420 billion yuan deal collapsed, Nvidia and ARM “missed”.Simon Segars, CHIEF executive of ARM, resigned at the same time nvidia dropped its acquisition of ARM, according to people familiar with the matter.When Simon Higgs left ARM, he handed over the CEO job to Rene Haas, president of IP products.According to nvidia and ARM, the CEO’s departure has nothing to do with Nvidia abandoning its acquisition of ARM.But to the outside world, there may have been a connection, because Simon Higgs left at a particular point in time.SoftBank, the driving force behind Nvidia’s failed acquisition of ARM, will reportedly receive a $1.25 billion compensation fee.As early as last month, it was reported that Nvidia was already exploring alternatives for ARM’s IPO, with SoftBank also being the driving force.Nvidia’s acquisition of ARM is a cross-border deal that has drawn nerves in many countries, with regulators in the US, UK and EU concerned about the impact on competition in the global semiconductor industry.

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