The number of Internet users in China has reached 1.032 billion.Hong Kong has about 10,000 new confirmed COVID-19 cases

Closing comprehensive evaluation of A shares: February 25, A share three major stock index collective rebound, the two cities more stocks fell less.By the end of the day, the Shanghai index rose 0.63 percent, the Shenzhen Component index rose 1.21 percent, and the chinext index rose 2.58 percent.Disk, health care, power, electrical equipment and other plates or the top;Coal, oil, shipping and other plates fell the most.From the plate point of view, port shipping plate strength, Jinzhou port, Long Navigation Phoenix, Lianyungang trading limit.At the same time, the novel coronavirus detection concept is stronger, Wanfu biological trading limit.According to data from Hong Kong’s Center for Health Protection, about 10,000 new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Hong Kong as of Friday.In addition, today’s collective hedge plate correction, gold, military, gas and other plates fell in the top.Hong Kong stocks: The Hang Seng index closed 0.59 percent lower after opening higher, led by biomedical stocks and a rebound in Internet technology stocks.Asia Pacific stocks: The Nikkei 225 index rose 1.95%, While South Korea’s KOSPI rose 1.06%.1. Turnover in Shanghai and Shenzhen topped 1 trillion yuan for the third consecutive trading day.2. On February 25, the net inflow of main capital in Shanghai and Shenzhen was 24.965 billion yuan.From the industry level, pharmaceutical and biological, electrical equipment, non-ferrous metals by the main capital net purchase amount of 7.717 billion yuan, 3.65 billion yuan, 3.543 billion yuan.Banks, non-banks and national defense industries were the top sellers, with net sales of 2.035 billion yuan, 1.141 billion yuan and 774 million yuan, respectively.The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has issued a notice on further improving the coal market price formation mechanism, which will take effect on May 1, 2022. The notice does not apply to the price of imported coal.The notice set a reasonable price range for medium – and long-term coal mining in key areas. The reasonable price range for 5,500 kilocalorie coal in Shanxi is 370-570 yuan/ton, and that for Shaanxi is 320-520 yuan/ton.Hong Kong has reported about 10,000 new COVID-19 cases as of Friday, according to the City’s Center for Health Protection.The Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) said today that the national high-tech zones have shown strong risk resistance and growth momentum in recent years.In the next step, the Ministry of Science and Technology will give better play to the radiating and driving role of high-tech zones in fostering high-tech industries and promoting high-quality development.First, we will support high-tech zones to expand and strengthen leading industries with distinctive features. We will foster a number of world-class innovative industrial clusters with leading enterprises as the leader and key products of the industrial chain and key core technologies of the innovation chain as the support.Second, support high-tech zones to build diversified application scenarios, vigorously cultivate emerging and future industries, and promote intelligent, green and low-carbon development of industries.Third, we will implement and promote the pilot policy of zhongguancun Self-created Zone, further implement “delegating power, delegating power and providing services”, deepen reform in policy innovation, park governance and business environment, and create a sound innovation and entrepreneurship environment.China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 49th Statistical report on China’s Internet development in Beijing on February 25.As of December 2021, China’s Internet users reached 1.032 billion, up 42.96 million from December 2020, and the Internet penetration rate reached 73.0 percent, according to the report.A total of 300 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia as of 14:00 On February 25, 2022, according to a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia on Sunday afternoon.China has bought 304.7 billion kg of autumn grain in major producing areas, an increase of 34.2 billion kg year-on-year, the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration (NBS) announced today.From the price point of view, the purchase price of rice has been mainly stable, corn is relatively stable, slightly increased, domestic soybean out of the independent market, active market purchase and sales.An official with the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration (NBS) said China’s grain security situation is generally good, with its grain inventory at a historically high level and its ability to ensure food security further enhanced.The Securities association of China has recently strengthened the management of the chief economist of securities brokerages.Csa requires that the chief economist should be a formal employee of the company, and the research views and comments released to the public should conform to the “Practice Code for Issuing Securities Research Reports”.The counterfeit and imitation of the views and remarks of the chief economist of the company shall be included in the company’s reputation risk management, and the facts shall be clarified in time.Before that, the net red chief economist of securities firms often released various views, which had a greater impact, but was later rumored to be an outsider.1. Dr. Peng: Part of the project docking has been completed. Dr. Peng’s official micro message today, General Manager of Industrial Internet Division of Dr. Peng, Liu Bo said that Dr. Peng is actively participating in the construction of “East and West Calculation”, and part of the project docking has been completed.As early as 2019, Dr. Peng began to lay out the layout of Gansu data center and related ecology, and planned the construction of 5G big data industrial park.At the unveiling ceremony of the National New Internet Exchange center last year, 10 enterprises including Dr. Peng signed intention agreements and became the first users of the national new Internet Exchange Center.In addition, Dr. Peng’s industrial city project is not only about the construction of data center and cloud network resources, but also about the comprehensive solution of data center + industrial distribution. In the eight hubs of “East and West”, the industrial city project has many related layouts.2, Oriental Biology performance express: 2021 net profit of 4.777 billion yuan increased by 184.8% on the same period last year. Oriental Biology (688298) released performance express on the evening of February 25, 2021 operating revenue of 10.032 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 207.22%;Net profit of 4.777 billion yuan, up 184.80% year on year;Basic earnings per share of 39.81 yuan.In 2021, the company’s Novel Coronavirus antigen rapid test reagents (including home self-test) continued to be invested in epidemic prevention, and the sales performance of the products in the European market continued to grow substantially. The business of conventional diagnostic reagents and diagnostic instruments maintained stable development, which contributed to the substantial growth of business performance in 2021.3, wide reputation:Guangyuyuan (600771) announced on the evening of February 25 that the company’s core holding subsidiary, Shanxi Guangyuyuan, is located in Taigu District, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province. Due to the recent outbreak of local epidemic,The temporary suspension was implemented in accordance with the “Emergency Notice on Epidemic Prevention and control of Commercial and Industrial Enterprises in The Whole Region” issued by Taigu District Industry and Information Bureau of Jinzhong City.The temporary shutdown will have a serious impact on the normal production and operation of Guangyuyuan, Shanxi Province, and will delay the completion of the production plan and finished product delivery on schedule, which will have a certain impact on the market supply.4, Shanghai Airport performance express: 2021 losses of 1.711 billion yuan year-on-year losses expand Shanghai Airport (600009) On February 25 evening released performance express, 2021 operating revenue of 3.728 billion yuan, a year-on-year decline of 13.38%;Net profit loss of 1.711 billion yuan, the same period last year net profit loss of 1.267 billion yuan;Basic earnings per share -0.89 yuan.The company’s various businesses and customer operations are greatly impacted by the continuous impact of the epidemic, and the operation continues to be under pressure.5, Beijing and Shanghai high-speed railway performance express: 2021 net profit of 4.815 billion yuan increased 49.12% year on year Beijing and Shanghai high-speed railway (601816) On February 25 evening released performance express, 2021 operating revenue of 29.304 billion yuan, up 16.11% year on year;The net profit of the mother was 4.815 billion yuan, up 49.12% year on year;Basic earnings per share of 0.10 yuan.Due to the better epidemic prevention and control situation compared to the same period last year, the subsidiary Jing-Fu Anhui Company opened and operated the Fuhu section of He-Hangzhou High-speed Railway in June 2020. The passenger volume and the number of trains in the company increased compared to the same period, and the corresponding passenger transportation service income and road network service income increased.

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