The party member cadre sinks the community, the new couple goes to the front line altogether

On the morning of February 1, 35 party members and cadres from Hangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau were divided into five working groups and sank to the epidemic prevention points in the tidal viewing community of Changhe Street, Binjiang District.The day before, the second batch of sinking party cadres and the first batch of sinking party cadres have an orderly handover, the establishment of the work group, to each member of the grouping, division of labor, after arriving in the community, everyone in an orderly manner, reasonable division of labor, clear task, quickly into the work.As of 5 p.m., 362 vehicles had been checked, 1,119 people had their green codes and body temperatures checked, 59 residents’ hotlines were answered, and 22 cases of epidemic prevention services had been assisted in community adjustment and handling of health code changers, door-to-door delivery of meals for quarantined people, and sending red-code families to hospitals.As early as New Year’s Eve, Gao Jian from the Hangzhou funeral home, Yu Sunquan from the Hangzhou Children’s Welfare Home and Li Liangdu from the Hangzhou Relief and Management Station gave up the festive moments with their families to stick to the front line of fighting the epidemic and work with the tide watching community workers until late into the night.In the drizzle of New Year’s Eve, they took the temperature of every resident in the cold weather, advised residents to participate in nucleic acid testing as soon as possible, and provided services for residents with changing codes, delivering meals and medical services.On New Year’s Eve, Yu Sunquan was on duty at the gate of the community and Gao Jianzui was on duty when he found that many residents did not understand the epidemic prevention measures such as the recent high-intensity nucleic acid test and were very uncooperative with the community and property management staff. On the one hand, he cooperated with the community property management to complete the epidemic prevention test.On the other hand, the residents’ understanding and cooperation were obtained through patient policy publicity and careful psychological counseling.The Haiwei International on duty of Yu Sunquan found the contact personnel on New Year’s Eve. He took the risk to cooperate with the community and the hospital to persuade irrelevant personnel, maintain the order at the gate of the community, and provide great convenience for the isolation work.At the stroke of the New Year, as they finished their meaningful New Year’s Eve work, they were filled with strength as they ate the hot soup and dumplings that warm-hearted residents had brought to their duty stations.This February is massage hospital after 90 party member Chen Wanghong held the wedding day, because of the epidemic, she and her husband not only delayed the wedding and Chinese New Year stranded in Hangzhou, they as a party member, without a trace of complaint but thinking through the service of the people to defend Hangzhou to give their wedding with more exalted significance.After receiving the call from the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government about the sinking community for party members, the couple immediately signed up and stood at the epidemic prevention work in sheraton Hotel, a tide-watching community, on the morning of the first day of the New Year.The husband and wife, one for code and the other for temperature, carried out epidemic prevention detection and policy explanation for more than 10 people entering and leaving the hotel.They play their own light and heat, with the newly-married sweet, show party members for the people style.● Sinking community, charge the front line, Fuyang Civil Affairs do this ● Civil affairs “big white” to send you New Year wishes!To “epidemic” line, Hangzhou civil Administration into the community ● Unite as one to fight the epidemic — actively participate in hangzhou epidemic prevention and control volunteer service proposal ● About the Spring Festival!Hangzhou citizens, this proposal is very important!

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