Yanis resigned as head coach of Beijing Ducks

Beijing Shougang team lost to Jilin team again on The 4th, and they were eliminated from the tournament by a big score of 0 to 2.They are out of the last eight this season.Shougang team investment and results have a big gap.Coach Yanis said after the game that he took full responsibility, he is no longer the team’s head coach.Yanis, who resigned as coach after the game, said: “This is a very painful moment for everyone who supports and loves Beijing Shougang. It hurts the city, the fans and the team.As the head coach, I take full responsibility.This part of the journey is over.I have decided not to continue as coach of the team.”Yanis finally expressed his thanks to the team.He said: “I also want to thank everyone in the team for their support and support.Thanks to Shougang Group and the team management for their trust in me.I am sure our team will be successful in the near future.”Yannis Kristopoulos, who has been in the coaching role since the age of 22, has taught at various European teams.He moved to China in 2013 with former National men’s basketball coach Michael Giannakis and served as an assistant coach.The curmudgeonly Janakis then left, leaving Yanis as the tactician of the “Palace Army”.During his tenure as a teaching assistant, Yanis was mainly responsible for the building of the team’s technical and tactical system, and his excellent working ability and good professionalism have also been recognized by the industry.He went on to win the 2015 Asian Championships in Changsha with The Chinese team and competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics.Beijing Shougang Basketball Club holds a press conference in Shougang Sports Building on June 9, 2017.Club executive vice president Xie Haitian officially announced that shougang men’s basketball exploits coach Min Lulei will no longer serve as the team’s head coach, changed to the club’s head coach and men’s basketball team leader.At the same time, formally hired Greek Yanis as the head coach of men’s basketball.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Song Xiang editor zhang Yingchuan

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