Zelensky called for Russia’s expulsion from the UN Security Council

In a video address to the UN Security Council on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he believes Russia should be removed from the council and the UN system should be overhauled.AXIOS news reports from the United States, even he is referring to the cloth just civilian deaths occurred in Ukraine throw these claims, he was excited, said the first job is to change the system, because Russia to Ukraine to launch military action “clearly” proves that the UN cannot fulfill its primary responsibility to stop the invasion.He said peace could only be preserved through reforms to establish a truly effective UN system that would deter aggression and force aggressors to choose peace.Zelensky also called for an “internal reform” of the SECURITY Council that would remove Russia’s permanent seat and remove it from the council, saying it would truly hold Russia “accountable for the wars it has waged,” NPR reported.Otherwise, Zelensky said, the council should be “dissolved.”He also called for the creation of a tribunal to try Russian “war criminals”, similar to the Nuremberg trials after the second world war.Russia has previously lashed out at the United Nations and the Security Council during its special military operation against Ukraine.Russia’s u.n. ambassador’s edge jia on February 28, a special meeting at the UN general assembly, the 11th emergency said, said over the past eight years the UN and the security council has been “pretended not to notice the Ukrainian nationalist in donbass crime”, and “tried to ignore the position of Russia, ignore it, and runs counter to the basic principles of the UN charter”.”Russian forces do not pose a threat to the peaceful citizens of Ukraine. They do not fire on peaceful installations.The real threat is Ukrainian nationalists.”Zelensky calls for Russia’s expulsion from UN Security Council

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