Zhu Yi made a big mistake!The Chinese team finished last with only 22 points from the air jump and fall

On February 6, Beijing time, the women’s singles final of the Figure skating team competition at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was all over, and zhu Yi of China ranked the last among all competitors, she made a big mistake.This time, Zhu Yi was the first to enter the competition, but she made a serious mistake in the competition, before her personal best short program score of 60 points.But the 19-year-old was clearly nervous during the match, particularly in the build-up to the match when he stumbled.Not only did Zhu Yi fall down, but he even failed to take off the Loop three times. One time he missed the Loop and the other time he fell down. These two serious mistakes led to a very low score of Zhu Yi, and his final score was only 47.03.Since the jump was deemed invalid, she ended up with a technical score of 22.34 and a content score of 25.69, giving her a total score of 47, which was not even close to her previous solo high.Zhu Yi these two serious low-level mistakes, resulting in her ranking is very poor.In the end, she was ranked the last, and among the other skaters, the first talent is undoubtedly the Russian Olympic Committee, and the current world figure skating ace, no. 1 camila Valieva.Valieva, 15, was unmatched and placed first with 90.18 points after flawlessly completing her routine. Valieva, who now holds the world record in the short program, scored 51.67 points for a total of 90.18 points, even higher than Zhu’s total.In addition to Valieva’s incredible performance, Higuchi Shinoha of Japan ranked second among the contestants with a total score of 74.73. She is also a competent player, but it is sad that she was born in the same era as Valieva.Maria Szizas of Canada was third, Maria Gubanova of Georgia was fourth, and Kaisen Chen of The United States was fifth.The other 6~10 are Germany’s Nicole – short, the seventh is from the Ukraine’s Shapotova, the eighth is the Czech Republic’s Bereznova, the ninth is Italy’s Gutman, Zhu Yi tenth.Thanks to Valieva’s performance, the team with the highest total score was Russia with 36 points, the United States with 34 points, Japan with 29 points, and Canada with 24 points. China’s figure skating team ranked fifth with 22 points, which was a thrilling advance.Zhu Yi’s 47.03 points ranked the last in the women’s short program, adding only one point for the Chinese delegation.

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