CBA three news: shougang team set tomorrow, Guo Ailun injury no harm, Dong Hanlin or will be reused

At present, all the teams are basically in the state of vacation, but Ningbo Fubang has gathered training from the second day of the New Year, which reflects their dedication.According to the Beijing Ducks, they will begin training on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, preparing for the third phase of the playoffs, which is a good sign, especially foreign aid Jeremy Lin already can’t wait.Shougang team lost to Shenzhen team in the second stage of the final game, the whole team felt very pity, so they unanimously decided to end the holiday early to start training.Overall, however, the 9-6 record in the second phase equalized with Guangdong, which was very good, and foreign aid Jeremy Lin finally found his form, and general manager Qin Xiaowen did not wait for nothing.In addition, new signing Barry Brown has performed better than expected and has stayed at the training ground instead of leaving Beijing for the holiday.It is reported that The fourth foreign aid Hamilton will leave for Beijing, and he will be ready to play in the third stage.While another foreign aid Gibson injury has largely recovered and does not affect training, so tomorrow’s training camp except Hamilton, all members will be present.According to Yanis previously revealed, the focus of the training camp is free throws and defense, because in the past, the Shougang team slowly let opponents score a lot of points.Look at the effect of this training camp, their third phase of the schedule is not easy.The second message is about – the core of pg, pg because vomiting and leg injury and missed the second phase of the last two games, said Mr. Pg’s injury is not serious at that time, considering the last two opponents are very weak so there is no risk to pg play, it reflected the vision and long-term vision of Mr..Liaoning team will gather soon after the New Year to prepare for the next game.According to reports guo Allen’s injury has recovered, he also led his girlfriend in the New Year appeared in the family dinner, Guo Allen smile from ear to ear, the atmosphere of the scene is happy, Guo Allen relaxed without the slightest injury affected mood.As he left the field, he was seen driving a Ferrari, posing for photos with the fans and walking in perfect condition.The fans’ fears were overblown, as he had already recovered and had not risked playing in order to give him more rest.But Aaron guo has missed so many games that this season’s MVP is far from him.He played in only 17 games, with two games left in the regular season, so if he misses two more games he will be out of the running for the award.As long as Guo stays healthy and Liaoning continues to play consistently, he has a good chance of winning the MVP award.The third news is about Shanghai’s Dong Hanlin, who has missed the last four games, which is not a good sign and dong hanlin is likely to be dropped.He’s averaging a career-low 10 minutes per game this season, so it’s no surprise he’s a tough third period to use.And with Wang Zhelin, Feng Lai, Ren Junwei and Zong Zan all overlapping with Dong Hanlin, it’s hard for Dong hanlin to get much time.However, head coach Li Chunjiang likes Dong Hanlin very much. In addition, foreign aid Fredette is sure not to return to the team, so li Chunjiang will reuse Dong Hanlin in the third stage, which is a great good news for Dong Hanlin himself.In addition, Yan Peng will also be recalled to solve the team’s shortage of personnel.Li has always liked to use veteran players, and the 30-year-old Dong hanlin does have his own style of play and experience that younger players can’t match.The third phase of the Shanghai team will still go to the northeast to participate in the competition, which is not a small challenge for them.But their 11-2 record in the second period was comparable to that of Liaoning, and they seemed to have adapted to the weather and temperature in northeast China, which hardly affected them.Dong Hanlin himself in order to obtain Li Chunjiang’s trust has already begun training, his leading role is commendable.

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