Dream westward journey: worth ten million yuan hua Sheng temple to join the fishing island, Lao Wang personally meet, let a person eye-opening

Speaking of the temple of Wu, probably no one does not know the general explosion.In the Forbidden City, he single-handedly built a team of soldiers.Although it has been gradually cleaned up, but this does not mean that he completely left the dream.Just going from one place to another new place.This time we see his new place.To put it simply, this player thinks the mat is useless, and the time is relevant.The probability of adding or subtracting attributes varies from hour to hour, and most of them have high probability of subtracting attributes.If it was really a random 50/50 split, then a piece of equipment you smelt would be equally defense-plus and defense-minus.Restore the melting effect, from 0 minutes to 30 minutes, every two and a half, try three times, such as 37:30 even add two defenses, every half an hour at this time point, if the failure to reduce durability is very much stop, if the failure to reduce durability can continue to try, successfully add two defense points.This baby is worth a look, although there are only 6 skills, but it is all red baby.We look at skills like Advanced sneak attack, advanced Agility, and Bloodthirsty pursuit.It’s just missing some key skills for attacking pets.Advanced night combat and advanced leech are missing, one due to lack of endurance, and the other due to increased night combat damage.One of the most striking things about this zombie is that it has a lifespan of 311.This is due to the lack of advanced leech and advanced divine blessing, as well as the attack qualification is very high, as high as 1600 points.It was an all-out sprint, no consideration of survival and endurance.TOP3: Lao Wang welcomed the explosion to join Lao Wang recently in the live broadcast, but also revealed their service team a new adjustment and change.A new violent huasheng temple, and then wutong from the huasheng temple to the five zhuang view.Before the five zhuang view on the bottomless pit.In fact, now bottomless hole also nothing last chance, basically is sitting on the bench.So who is this violent huasheng temple?Now the answer has been revealed, and it’s the familiar Rocker.Seeing his equipment and baby, Lao Wang was full of praise.Preliminary estimates put it at more than 10 million.The listening of the body is really too valuable, are all the attention to everything.

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