Live playback | BIM Windows v2.0 online conference

On March 24th, the BIM Windows V2.0 online press conference was held to create digital twin base and build BIM application collaborative platform. This is another upgrade of BIM Windows (BW for short) after half a year. In the live broadcast,Yi Long, BIM Windows product manager, introduced BW’s unique advantages and 2.0 version update function, and shared practical cases;At the same time, the latest cross-century domestic modeling software BIM Station was displayed.The product manager gave detailed answers to the questions raised by users during the live broadcast. Trans-century also prepared abundant technological gifts for the engineers attending the live broadcast, and we had a pleasant live broadcast time with them.Have you answered all three of the hottest questions on the scene?What underlying technology does BW/BS employ?When will BS be released?How to try BW2.0?Click the link to watch the playback of building digital twin base, building BIM Application collaborative platform — BIM Windows V2.0 online press conference, and listen to the product manager’s answer.PC to watch the replay link: Windows free trial to try to apply for link:, the first step:Click on the upper right corner to register for free. Step 2: Fill in the information and you can try it for 15 days after free registration

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