“Rich door” : Zhuo One heart, fortunately you are not Zhang Xue ning

Author: cloud statement in coffee: original article, prohibit reprint, plagiarism will investigate!The feelings of zhuo’s father and daughter are so similar.They are easy because of temporary stimulation and heartbeat, but difficult to give up the steady flow of moving.Like two different types of people at the same time, but ultimately choose to stay together is always able to give stability and happiness of the one.His father, Zhuo Chongxi, is outwardly upright and enterprising, responsible for his family and caring for his old friends.But he however hard escape the heartbeat midway of a moment GUI, give birth to illegitimate child even, till die nevertheless also did not let this secret exposure, in the wife often open eyebrow heart is a rare good husband.Zhuo Yiyuan, the son, has analyzed it before, which will not be repeated here.Daughter Zhuo One heart, rich young lady is kidnapped and give birth to the heart beat love fate that sha Fu comes with old thousand, and this person abandons love to pretend to oneself second elder brother for power and wealth however.The relationship eventually turned into a monstrous affair.Fortunately, Zhuo Yixin has a side to their eternal spoonful of trust gao Tuo min, never abandon, again and again to save her from the depth of fire.I like Zhuo Xin’s personality very much.She is smart, independent, stubborn, and tender.She likes and dislikes clearly, the principle is very strong, the moral bottom line is very high.She should persistent persistent, no matter how others criticize;The give up to give up, no matter how much pain in the heart.Such a woman is appreciated and admired no matter what age she is in.Perhaps, love is really a woman’s life in a rob, and the more intelligent woman, the more easily covered with scars.What a gentleman does and does not do, desire is no excuse for doing wrong.Zhuo Yixin is the one who insists on the bottom line of moral ethics despite suffering in pain.Times have changed.While the shoulders of men are increasingly unable to support a “conscience” of the burden, fortunately there are some women struggling to maintain the moral order of the society.Zhuo Yixin and he Jue Nian, is more tough than the men in the play, more lined up with the “gentleman” halo of women.Zhuo Yixin has always been a headstrong young lady, but she is also a woman of true temperament, with radiant charm.Like most women, she believed in love at first sight, so she ran for a long time.So she fell in love with Safulay the first time she saw him, knowing that he was a cheat and had been kidnapped by him.For all she remembered was that he had come to rescue her;All she remembered was that he had taken the knife for her;What he remembers is why he kidnapped her.Like most women, Zhuo Yixin is obsessed with love.She refused Gao Tuomin again and again, because she knew she was still in love with her second brother zhuo Yiming.She knew it was an impossible love, she knew it was wrong to even think about it.Like most women, Zhuo Yixin is easily moved by love, so she finally accepts Gao Tuomin.People are all contradictory, and women are especially contradictory, or women are naturally soft hearted, naturally enjoy care, so they tend to fall in love with people who are good to them.Zhuo Yixin is the love of Sha Fu, love at the beginning, to the last hate, in fact, are care.Saffron’s biggest mistake was making Cho hate himself more than he loves himself.When the one she loves is trying to hurt her, while the other one is trying to be nice to her. In this situation, Zhuo Yixin hesitates before choosing Gao Tuomin, which shows how much she cares about Safulai.Shafulai is a disaster in Zhuo Yi’s life.The first encounter, in Sabah, was as thrilling as a cop movie.When the crisis was over, the man said to her, I have nothing to give you back, this knife, I give you back.At that time, Zhuo Yixin was already moved.The second time they met, in Hong Kong, Zhuo Yixin suddenly met Safulai’s smiling face behind the gorgeous hot air balloon.He sends the empty box, then disappears in your turn.Zhuo Yixin’s heart is lost like an empty box in his hand.When they met for the third time, Zhuo finally caught up with Safulai and said, “I can’t catch up with you this time!”But Sapphulay said, Chase me, you already caught me.Zhuo At that time clearly red face.When Zhuo wanted to tease Sappho, but instead he teased her, she did not see her anger, but she was embarrassed with joy.By this time, the sparks of love were already rising.The fourth time, not a meeting, but a date, New Year’s Eve, 8:00.The sweetest date, as beautiful as idol drama.Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale book, Cinderella is not destined to twelve.In zhuo Xin’s happiest moment, fate gave her a blow.Shafuli really decided to do zhuo Yiming that moment, he is equal to give up one heart, because he and Zhuo One heart from now on is brother and sister.After the kissing scene on New Year’s Eve, they finally met their fate.They had hardly begun when the curtain came down.Heaven turns to hell, sweet wine to deadly poison.That night, Sha Fulai is as “Zhuo Yiming”, zhuo One heart “second brother” identity appeared in her home.They two know the truth of the first moment of the first reaction is to flee, but was pulled by the public.Then one tore the face, the other put on the mask, mournful and sharp, tit for tit.That scene, Zhuo Yixin’s shock, disbelief, pain, unable to let go…….No one can understand.But Zhuo did not hate anyone, nor did he hate fate.Cho accepted the fact wholeheartedly, calling him “second brother” and forced a smile.Shafulai jokingly let her change the name, called himself “Zhuo Yiming” is good, so more type.But when Zhuo Yixin turned her back, Safulai’s smile was not over, but tears filled her eyes and she looked at her back with love.In fact, I hope that Saffron’s eyes are regretful, but unfortunately, WHAT I see is a firm.Sha Fu to although very reluctant but no regret, he was willing to give up zhuo Xin, from here he began to the doomed.All he had to do was tell her the truth and ask for her forgiveness, so they could be together, not to mention saddling Cho with the burden of “forbidden love”.But he ultimately chose money and power.Safulai’s fate is what the theme song sings: just one step before my faith ends, just one step before my desire turns to starlight, all the costs are cut off, all my heart is drained, fear is erased and what is rare is torn away, I forget my feelings and then swim to the other shore, there is no cause and effect in my life.From then on, Zhuo Yixin said nothing about it in front of her mother and eldest brother, because she didn’t want them to worry.She also says to Sappho, “I’ll be fine,” just to reassure him.But with the development of the plot, we see, zhuo Xin and can not forget to Sha Fu.Although she repeatedly stressed that “he is my second brother”, when she turned the car around to help him finish his work, when she hugged him excitedly, I knew that the body is more loyal to the heart than the mind.When Zhuo One heart in no one’s night took out the watch quietly to remember this section of spark like love, but finally woke up like the watch into the deep drawer, I already know, at that time she did not have the courage to face the feelings in the heart.Zhuo Yixin wants to bury this relationship in her heart, and she does try very hard to get along with Sha Fulai as a pure second brother.But shafulai no bottom line of ubiquitous temptation and temptation, so zhuo heart powerless to disguise himself to act.She is very tired, very helpless, very vacant, no one can tell her mind, but also forced a smile to face everyone every day.Zhuo Xin is really poor, she fell in love with her second brother, and then forced herself to put down, forced herself to call him second brother, maybe she thought from the identity of brother and sister is good for him is safe to deceive everyone.In fact, even she did not know, even changed the identity of brother and sister, she was still in love with him as a lover.And the desire that sha fu comes expands step by step, rushed out many evil ends, zhuo One heart comes to his home to beg him to leave, do not disturb her family again.Then Safur got to the point: disturb your family or disturb your heart?Safra knew she was playing with fire.On the one hand, he is playing the role of a good man to cover up his identity, on the one hand, but do not allow zhuo put down everything to zhuo admitted to his feelings.One side is affection, one side is emotion, zhuo One heart gradually by Sha Fu to this cheat temptation fast collapse.When she was drunk, she said bitterly, why, why are you my brother?Zhuo yixin has been trying to stay away, under the same roof and in the company, but had to meet and nostalgia.Zhuo Yi looked at Safulai’s eyes, always confused, hesitation, drunk and sad, the more she wanted to escape, the more deeply.Sometimes, reason and sensibility, are the root of the heart, not so easy to change.The lookers-on see most of the game.Zhuo Xinxin and high Tuomin’s engagement ceremony was also destroyed by Sha Fu in a complete mess, high Tuomin to accompany Zhuo Xinxin back to their initial place to relax.The only time they had under the cloud of lies was easy, sweet and sad.They are always sentimentally attached and awake when they embrace, and they want to kiss and escape when they look at each other. They cannot tolerate indulgence, cannot envision the future, have no certainty, and cannot fall asleep when they close their eyes.At that time, Zhuo Xinxin had a kind of tender spring water, often standing in place waiting for the time to run out, making people infinite pity.Later, when Zhuo Xinxin learned that it was her second brother who had raped her, she was really desperate.I think she’d rather be unknown than accused of incest.This blow is far more than the sum of all zhuo Yixin’s experiences in the past 30 years.At first she just thought it was an excuse from Sappho, but when she found out it was true, I think she was completely desperate.Because Safulay’s explanation was not to tell her how much he had to, how much he loved her, but to tell her the fact that this man had lied to her the whole time.Zhuo Xin’s IQ, don’t believe what later to test DNA this kind of thing.Shafulai is of course once loved, including the heart before the accident, but all the facts are no doubt to tell Zhuo Yixin: in shafulai’s heart, money and rights are far more important than her.All that time, knowing how much pain she was in, Safulay had countless chances to tell her.But Shafulai in order to climb the ladder and choose to give up, and finally said that because love her to hurt her, Zhuo Xinxin did not want to listen to his excuse, more easily stun him.Falling down on the pier, Cheuk Sim pictured their journey from Sabah to Hong Kong. She hated him, that’s for sure.But at the same time, she hated herself more, hated herself for loving such a monster, for loving him for so long, for being tortured by him, for him.Zhuo Yixin is not Zhang Xuening, but also glad she is not Zhang Xuening.Zhang Xuening’s view of right and wrong is very weak, her world is love supreme, so she can do the maximum is holding Xu Jiali die together.But zhuo Yixin has his own ideas, more have their own morality and right and wrong view, so she must sha Fu to pay the price.At that moment, the only thing that can support Zhuo Xin is her hatred for Safulai and revenge against him, otherwise she would also go crazy.As for sorrow, it is gone, for the heart is dead.~ to be continued ~ (all pictures are from Internet) author: coffee cloud has been always talk in the text with a heart of never desert believes that growth is the woman the final home to return to you can be with my words to feel warm and affectionate recommended reading: “wealth door” : two men, a “slag”, a “bad”, abuse of the new height “wealth door” :ZhuoYiYuan “diamond” male appearance, hiding a heart to send out like mold the wealth door, jue: the quality, the ability, the state, I can’t reach all your life rich door angie: when she opened Pandora’s box, is doomed to eternal in the illusion the wealth door: sand rich to get drunk and lost in ZhuoYiMing identity, both pleasure and pain “wealth door” :It was his punishment, and even more a great grace, that Safulai finally lost his memory

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