Public Open Day | warm winter day Ann “pay” New Year

On January 17, the executive board of xiangyang District People’s Court held a centralized distribution activity for the execution of the recently implemented cases concerning people’s livelihood.The efficient and convenient way of working and the remarkable results of the work have been unanimously recognized by migrant workers, and achieved good social effects.January 24, generation x applicant executor and migrant workers on behalf of the entrusted side have “unpaid activist fast stand fast, conscientious heart people” pennants to xiangyang district people’s court for enforcement, and to the executive board of policemen said full of gratitude, thanking them for help to get back to two years in arrears hard-earned money, let the 23 migrant workers can Ann “paid” have a happy year.Wang Mingzhi, a member of the Party group and vice president, invited representatives of migrant workers to the Xiangyang District People’s Court to “zero distance” feel the openness, transparency, fairness and justice of the judiciary, and personally feel that “litigant does not ask for help”.Under the guidance of the narrator, migrant workers representatives came to litigation service center first, case filing chamber policemen to them in the back pay, how to rational rights, how to seek legal aid, I hereby matter how not to come to consult or lawsuit by heilongjiang mobile micro court for legal consultation, to prepare the case materials and put on record.In the execution command center, Wang Jidong, a member of the Party Leadership Group and director of the Executive Bureau, interpreted the Regulations on Guaranteeing the Payment of Wages for Migrant workers to the representatives of migrant workers, answered questions on the spot, preached legal knowledge, and interpreted the law based on cases of unpaid wages and rights protection, thus improving the legal awareness of migrant workers in safeguarding their rights according to law.Dai xx, a migrant worker, said that she did not expect to be able to get the money back so soon. Thanks to the Xiangyang District People’s Court for doing all this for us. Through today’s activities, she also learned more practical methods to safeguard her legitimate rights and interests.Contribution: Yuan Yuan Review: Wang Jidong

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