The 58-year-old woman has kept her blood vessels healthy, not by eating panax notoginseng, but by sticking to two things

Aunt Yao had a daughter who was very dutiful. She worked in a pharmacy and was exposed to many Traditional Chinese and western medicines. She heard that Notoginseng powder could clear blood vessels, so she bought some and put it in an empty capsule and told Her to take one pill every day.On the one hand, she thought it would be useless, and on the other hand, she was afraid of the side effects it would have on her body. So she just said yes, but didn’t actually take the medicine.Can insist to eat panax notoginseng dredge blood vessel?The doctor said to divide the situation of 37 in Chinese medicine is used more, there is the role of activating blood stasis, and it is very good after stasis will not hurt the human body qi, this is the reason why everyone likes it very much.For patients with blood stasis, taking panax notoginseng powder has a certain effect, which can improve the situation of high blood pressure.You can see your tongue, if the color is dark, not light red is not dark red, but dark color, and the vein at the head root is very thick and black, belongs to blood stasis, suitable for eating panax notoginseng conditioning.But if the patient not only has blood pressure and blood fat problems, physique or Yin deficiency hyperthermia, this time to eat sanqi is not suitable, will aggravate hyperthermia so that the body fluid is less and less, resulting in dry mouth, dry eyes, hair hair and other phenomena.If your doctor is a professional, he will know your condition and mix with cold medicine to counteract the heat.Additional, blood vessel blockage may be other reason brings about, for example at ordinary times food is too good, often eat greasy, sweet greasy food, the gas of phlegm wet inside the body is heavier, also can let blood become sticky, this time eat 37 powder is not quite suitable.It is better to adjust diet structure and exercise appropriately.No matter how to say, 37 is blindly Chinese traditional medicine, should consult a doctor before eating, can’t oneself feel good to eat casually, also can’t oneself open prescription, will several kinds of medicine collocation together casually, that is not responsible for oneself.Nowadays, people like to read medical science, and there are many articles and videos on the Internet about TCM theories, which will mention some prescriptions to regulate the body. Some people believe them to be true, and use them on themselves without exploring whether they are true or not, resulting in problems.Some people may say that eating 37 powder is recommended by a friend around, or that someone ate it and got better, so they just went to eat.Or that sentence, take any medicine to consult the doctor first, may be suitable for others to eat, but your constitution is not suitable, take the effect is not good or produce side effects are possible.At present, the treatment of cardiovascular diseases is mainly western medicine, supporting a healthy life, even if you are taking panax notoginseng, you can not stop the Western medicine.In other words, old friends blood vessels are not good is normal, there are age factors in it, if you can not rejuvenate, can not get rid of smoking and drinking and other bad habits, eat 37 or useless.Yao Dama because understand these, she didn’t eat notoginseng casually, but her blood vessels have been maintain better, thanks to do two things: the first thing to do is always adhere to the movement, the habit has lasted more than 20 years Yao Dama when young is a very healthy man, regularly go fitness, urged his aerobic exercise every day.In summer, she likes swimming, and in winter, she does yoga, rope skipping and running at home. Sports slow down the aging rate of blood vessels, make blood flow smoothly, and keep her healthy, which makes her look much smaller than her peers.She always sticks to the principle of low salt and low fat. Aunt Yao is a good footer. She usually eats olive oil and likes salad, vegetables, fish, shrimp, corn kernels and cherry tomatoes.She seldom eats pickles and advocates a low-salt diet. Most of her meals are boiled and stir-fried, with a small amount of soy sauce and sometimes no salt.With less salt and oil damage, her blood vessels are healthier, her blood pressure and blood lipids remain stable, and she has not experienced dizziness, edema, or numbness in her fingers.37 powder can not pass the blood vessel is still to be studied, the basis for reference is less, we should be rational, at the moment or follow the doctor’s advice to take medicine, improve the diet structure, may help you dredge blood vessels, prevent the formation of plaque and thrombosis.[1] Although panax notoginseng is good, please take it scientifically!Here are 13 do’s and don ‘ts.Journal of Health care for the Elderly.2021-05-27[2] Panax notoginseng health care fever surging to listen to how experts say.People’s Daily Online.2018-12-17[3] Why not gold panax Notoginseng.Health Times Live.2015-10-16[4] Dredging blood vessels is actually the biggest lie in the cardiovascular field!Not adding to the clutter is the key.Health Times.2020-07-17

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