An asymptomatic case was reported in Longhai, Zhangzhou, and two containment areas were designated

Zhangzhou, March 28 — According to the notification of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters in Longhai District, Zhangzhou city, a new asymptomatic novel coronavirus infection (case 3) was reported at 19:00 on March 27 in Longhai District, Zhangzhou City.As of 19 o ‘clock on March 27, a total of 3 asymptomatic cases had been reported in Longhai District.The new case was identified as case 1 (the driver of the truck tested positive in a nucleic acid test in Longhai district on March 26.Close contacts of zhangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention who have retested positive for COVID-19 nucleic acid are key personnel under centralized quarantine control.On March 27, the initial screen of novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test was positive, which was subsequently retested positive by zhangzhou CDC.In combination with the epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, imaging manifestations and laboratory test results, the novel Coronavirus asymptomatic infection has been confirmed by a municipal expert group, and has now been transferred to a designated hospital in Zhangzhou city for isolation and medical observation.According to the relevant provisions of the relevant laws and regulations and the epidemic prevention and control, the comprehensive assessments, zhangzhou dragon sea COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work headquarters decided to dragon sea floating palace town, town creek village CAI pit club, BaiShui Village Hong Kong club as sealing centralization, since March 27, implement “area, never leave home, door to door service” traffic control measures, it is subject to the consent of the village committee,Arrange special personnel and private vehicles, do a good job in the whole process of personal protection, strictly implement closed-loop management.During the containment period, the people in the containment areas are required to fulfill their legal obligations in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and the Law on Emergency Response, actively cooperate with the implementation of epidemic control, screening and other relevant measures, and comply with the unified organization arrangements of towns and villages to take nucleic acid tests.

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