Documentary Series | A Dog’s Love and Sorrow (4)

To inoculate the big head, it was the daughter who carried it to the hospital, before and after three shots.Just like newborns need to be vaccinated, dogs also need prevention, mainly to prevent rabies and various infectious diseases.After big Head learned to climb the stairs, he was full of curiosity about the unknown second floor.When I wasn’t looking, Big Head crept up to the second floor twice. Each time, he urinated and excreted in the corridor.I wonder if this is a deliberate sign that big Head is here.I punished him in a more violent way, and Big Head hasn’t been upstairs since.Big Head, however, was no less curious about upstairs than he was afraid of being beaten.Every morning WHEN I get up and come down from upstairs, I find Head sitting at the bottom of the stairs, looking up, motionless, and wondering how long he has been there.Every day was like this, quietly greeting me, because then, Big Head can go out to work.The yearning for the vast world is the pursuit of big head unswerving.That night, he found that Big Head was not in high mood, and his breathing was rather rough. He did not take it seriously at that time.Sleep into the middle of the night, suddenly heard coughing.At first I thought it was someone passing by, but the cough was so persistent that it sounded like an old man.And the cough came from downstairs, the heart was uncontrollably surprised, is there anyone else in the house?Get up, turn on the light, go downstairs, discover that cool like human cough sound, unexpectedly come from big head.It was curled up in the bar, languishing and dying.This time I was really surprised, big head sick, asthma, cough, my god, can the dog also catch a cold?After getting up early, he hurried to the pet hospital with Big Head.The doctor took big Head’s temperature first and then did a laboratory test.She said, “See if it’s distemper. If it doesn’t mean much, it’ll cost a lot of money, and there’s no cure.”I was surprised, emotional dog disease is so dangerous.I’ve never been to a pet hospital before. I didn’t know it was so modern to treat dogs.The tests came back. It was a false alarm, just a common cold.A great weight fell from my heart.The doctor said, give me an injection.I didn’t know anything about treating pets, so I had to listen to the doctor.First a small needle was put into the back stalk, but the big head did not respond at all.The doctor said that the nerve in this position was not developed and it did not feel pain.Inject a bit again next, needle plunge into go up in front leg, think big head can resist originally, did not think big head cooperate very much, did not make any struggle, smooth tie up needle.Four or five days on a drip, hundreds of dollars, and Big Head was fine.I think it’s kind of weird that a cold for a dog costs about the same as a cold for a human.I thought, the dog born in the city is really happy, enjoy the same treatment as people.Those dogs, born in the countryside, are so lucky that they are left to their fate.It seems that not only people are stratified, but dogs are stratified too.Big Head likes riding in cars since he was little. Once, I drove to my wife’s work place to pick her up after work every evening. I took Big Head there several times at first, and then it became a habit.Big head no matter how much fun they have, no matter how far away the car, as long as I press the remote control, a sound of thudong, big head immediately rushed over, miso ground rushed into the door, sitting in the passenger seat, excited.But he was still young, and when the car started, his big head curled up in the seat and fell asleep.When my wife showed up at the door of work and walked to the car, I said, mom is here.Big Head jumped up and looked excitedly out of the car.After a close visit, Big Head would soon fall asleep in Mama’s lap on the way home.In fact, when big head arrived at the beginning, his wife was not quite agree to raise, she does not like dogs at ordinary times, to see those dogs in the street, but also full of disgust.I worked for her and said, “No, you haven’t, but after a while, you’ll like it.”Still, she insisted that the dogs pooped everywhere, and it was annoying.I mean, it’s someone else’s house, and we have a civilized dog, so we can clean it up whenever we want.She said, how smelly and dirty.After a few months, she fell in love with Big Head, too, and never complained when cleaning up the dog’s excrement.Later, his wife sighed with emotion, when he did not raise a dog and after raising a dog feeling is completely different, not personally experienced, not personally experienced, really can not easily draw conclusions.I quipped, “Well, it’s called empathy. You’ve improved.”Big Head stayed in the cafe for more than half a year, smelling the aroma of coffee and listening to the melody of piano and saxophone every day, which gave Big Head a touch of artistic temperament.Mainly in the eyes, a strong sense of melancholy.It is hard for me to describe the eyes of big head with words.Next, Big Head often thought to himself, sitting under a chair in the bar, or in the gap between the sofa and the wall, with his head thrown back, his eyes fixed on one spot, motionless, silently wondering about life.Every time I see this scene, I can’t help laughing.Now what single dog, overtime dog, IT dog, my big head, is a veritable literary dog.Come to the coffee guests, there are many people like the big head, especially the female guests, but also like to hold the big head in his arms, fondle the appearance.At that stage, Big Head was the cafe’s ambassador and spokesperson.My daughter likes to take pictures of her head, so she started to use digital camera to take pictures. After she bought an iPhone, she took pictures with her mobile phone anytime and anywhere.Big Head is really photogenic. He looks better than he does.By the way, I think it’s a dog.Especially in the sun, its fur was golden, a yellow that is hard to describe. It was soft and warm, not metallic, like gold.You just want to touch it.Every year, her daughter made a desk calendar for Big Head online to record his growing experience, which lasted for four years.(To be continued)

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