How good is it that makes you despise Gu?It’s a pity after reading it

When I wrote an article and just mentioned gu’s success and excellence, a netizen questioned “Where did Gu Ailing succeed?.This is certainly not a question raised by someone who doesn’t know who Gu is. In fact, some of his comments such as “have been taken into account” can be seen in his past chat records.I am thinking that maybe he did this on purpose not because he hated Gu Ailing, but more probably because he felt that Gu Ailing’s attention and popularity were really too high in recent days. Articles and videos about her can be seen everywhere, which makes him bored and rebellious.So there was no need to explain to him just how successful Gu was.In fact, even though gu is only 18 years old, she is very confident and perfect to respond to people and opinions that don’t like her.But I’m still curious.I am curious about how good he is so that I despise Gu Ailing.So I asked him, “How good are you to make you despise Gu?”His reply confirmed my guess.He told me: “I have a son, gu does not have my orthodox Chinese blood, GU half-blood, I am a man, gu is not I have a lot of money, Gu has little money.” In fact, after reading some of his past speech records, I think there is only one kind of people who are “successful” in the eyes of such people — those who are really inferior to him.This kind of person will look down on anyone who is more successful and better than himself.They will find, even if delusional, many things that they at least want to believe are not as good as they are. Instead, they will tell people who are not as good as they are in a high manner and with a kind of charity pleasure, “You are actually successful/excellent”.These people don’t know how I do so will have to judge, but they’ll enjoy the feeling, this kind of psychological and cognitive often with a person’s cultural level, the relationship between education level is not very big, is at the very least, in the life, if you go to see a possibly will feel they are doing well in these.It’s all about psychology.Internet age we can easily see some people on the Internet in life did not show the ugly side.We tend to refer to these people as “trolls”, “niggers” and “keyboarders”.A study conducted by Federation University’s School of Health Sciences and Psychology found that trolls scored significantly higher than the general population on measures of psychopathy and cognitive empathy.Some psychologists analyze trolls:Spray “network behavior is deception and hurtful behavior on the Internet deliberately provocative, usually cause conflict, especially the emotional response, and communication of division and chaos, and its purpose is to enhance the pleasure of spray itself” actually don’t need to see many of us too many professional analysis alone everyday experience, rational thinking and analysis will be similar to conclude that,It just lacks some definition of technical terms.I hate trolls, but there are a lot of times when I actually think they are “pathetic”.Why do you say that?Because these people are obviously mentally ill, in this era when almost the vast majority of people have some psychological problems, the performance of these people is more prominent, which indicates that either their psychological ability to resist pressure is indeed worse, or that their psychological problems are more serious.And once a person’s psychological problems are not effectively solved, then it will snowball into more and more serious problems.You see, just like the guy above, he has lost track of what “success” is and his ability to judge whether he is “successful” or not…”I have a son,” “I am of orthodox Chinese blood,” “I am a man,” “I have a lot of money.”I think there are other things he considers more “successful” about himself.We don’t need to rely on any professional knowledge in any field, but only need to look at these “successes” with the healthy psychology of a normal person. I don’t know how you will feel about them. Anyway, I really can’t understand what the significance of these “successes” is in the comparison between him and Gu Ailing.How did he translate those questions into confidence in himself?In fact, I am not writing this article to say how good Gu Ailing is, how successful Gu Ailing is, nor do I have to go to “reverse spray” and “sarcasm” about this black fan of Gu Ailing.If it weren’t for his “I have a son,” and the fact that I have an education writer who focuses heavily on parenting, I probably wouldn’t really be writing this article.There is no reason to say that a person will suddenly become another person after having children, but after a person becomes a parent, their own ideology and behavior, especially their relatively stable personality formation, will bring great influence to children.No more talking about kids being copies of their parents.I’m just saying that too much negativity in one person is not a good thing.Even if you hide behind a disguise and vent on the Internet, don’t expect to let off all the negative energy — the negative energy itself is actually the “product” of a person’s daily thoughts and experiences, and it doesn’t have to be external stimulus to produce.See there are a lot of people praise GuAiLing, for example, they will produce negative emotions, but in fact, even no one to praise, as long as they see no attitude of objective statement also can produce such a mood, because there is no external stimulation, even they would hypothetically some stimulus, so to make their ideas and practice bring their pleasure, and pleasure.This is really not a good thing. If you are a parent, I think you should pay attention to this problem even if it is not for yourself and for your children.If it is not serious, you do not need to seek medical treatment. You can try to reduce the time spent looking at the mobile phone and surfing the Internet, do more outdoor sports and spend more time with positive friends. As long as it is not serious, you will gradually get better.A person’s heart began to have sunshine, they will be more accustomed to use a positive perspective to see problems, with a positive attitude to face life.Of course, reading more books is actually good, because as some netizens said, “trolls” in fact, since ancient times, but the difference between educated “trolls” and no culture is really too big…

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