Notes on the construction of chemical laboratory

Physical and chemical laboratories usually include laboratory furniture and equipment, ventilation system, air path system, central pure water/wastewater treatment system, etc. Laboratory furniture and equipment usually includes experimental table, fume hood, accessories, etc. Ventilation system is divided into two categories: straight row and centralized row.Special centralized gas supply system mainly includes pressure reducing valve, stainless steel pipe and terminal valve and alarm device, pure water/waste water system mainly includes the host water treatment system and piping system.A perfect physical and chemical laboratory construction in addition to the layout plan to consider comprehensive, must pay attention to the ventilation system, because the physical and chemical laboratory often used some volatile solvent, often do some synthetic experiment of waste gas, the ventilation system is bad will directly affect the staff’s health, but too much will increase exhaust air of air-conditioning energy consumption,So we must design a good ventilation system.More construction points welcome to consult Wanrong Integration company.

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