Xiaomi cost performance status is not guaranteed?Tell you in a minute, how did MOTOROLA come from behind

Xiaomi mobile phone starts from cost-effective, has always been the representative of cost-effective mobile phone, many people want to choose cost-effective mobile phone will be the first time to buy Xiaomi.But now that Xiaomi has lost its price-to-value position, MOTOROLA has come from behind to take the lead. Here’s how it did it in a minute.It’s not fancy marketing, it’s fine-tuning the product.MOTOROLA’s Edge S30 is its best value for money.The price of 1769 yuan, after reading its configuration you will be involuntarily enchanted.The Snapdragon 888Plus processor may surprise you, but you’ve never seen a top-notch flagship processor in this price range.Turbo UFS3.1 and Turbo LPDDR5 are among the best in both performance and reading and writing.The big 6.8-inch screen at 144Hz is really bright, comparable to the configuration of professional esports phones, and the touch sampling rate is increased to 576Hz, which is not as high as some professional esports phones.In addition, full DC dimming and SGS low blue light eye protection make the screen not only smooth and silky, but also healthier when viewing.Camera-wise, the 100 megapixel triple camera on the rear is easy enough for everyday shots, but the 16-megapixel front-facing camera is perhaps the only noticeable flaw in the MOTOROLA Edge S30.Fortunately, it also supports 4K HDR10 10bit video shooting. Overall, its shooting ability is medium level, after all, the price is there, so it’s worth the comparison.5000mAh battery with 33W fast charge, large battery is really bright, many flagship phones are not up to 5000mAh, MOTOROLA is very conscience.In addition, it also provides multi-screen smooth connection function, multi-task office is very suitable.However, I still like its application 6 open function, can open 6 wechat, life and office are very convenient.At 1769 yuan, MOTOROLA edgeS30 is definitely a bargain. The processor, screen, camera and battery are all conscience configuration, which can be compared with some flagships.But 1769 yuan is 6+128GB version, considering the application of more open, or buy 8+128G B more appropriate.What do you think? MOTOROLA uses its products to prove its great efforts in cost-effective status, while Xiaomi has been lagging behind in this respect. This minute I hope we can understand two things: First, Xiaomi is no longer the representative of cost-effective mobile phones.Second, MOTOROLA has come from behind for good reason.For more exciting content, follow Hello Technology

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