Fukuhara Ai learn Lin Chi-ling tone!New Year’s Eve greetings in Chinese, did not forget to repay the kindness of the Chinese people

Ai Fukuhara, the Japanese goddess of table tennis, has suffered a tough time in the past year, but she made a comeback at the Tokyo Olympics thanks to the support of the huge Chinese fan market.Aijiang never forgets the Chinese people’s kindness to her and has vowed to repay it. When Spring Festival, the most important festival in China, is coming, Aijiang made a video to wish everyone a happy New Year.While viewers in China tuned in to CCTV’s New Year of the Tiger Gala, Ai Fukuhara sent a New Year’s greeting to Chinese supporters, this time not in a Northeast Chinese accent, but in a Lin Chi Ling voice popular among Male Chinese fans, urging them in a skilled Chinese voice: ‘Come on, everybody!’To know, Lin Zhiling like “refueling, refueling, refueling” but straight men most like to listen to the sound of nature, now love sauce to learn, many male fans hear the heart elated.From the point of video images, now the ai fukuhara complexion is ruddy, according to the press, she is in her current boyfriend with Jiang Hongjie date that Japan’s elite during the marriage, although love sauce was insisted that two people are in the same hotel opened two rooms, but still not reassure Japanese netizen “good mother” for her “good wife” one set of question.In addition, her boyfriend’s ex-wife also said that Ai Fukuhara broke up her marriage, perhaps, Fukuhara is not as simple emotionally as we think.However, although Ai Fukuhara has some unresolved issues, but this does not affect her brave pursuit of their own love, it is said that they have begun to live together.In addition, Liu Guoliang arranged Aijiang to be the person in charge of WTT World Table Tennis League in Japan. It can be said that Ai Fukuhara is now enjoying a good harvest in love and career, which is also reflected in her external temperament. Aijiang is more and more beautiful and full of mature feminine flavor.Ai Fukuhara in China ping best bestie Liu Shiwen, still insist not to retire.Not long ago, Liu shiwen won the mixed doubles champion and the women’s singles runner-up at the WTT Macau Championship, which had no points. It seems that she is in good condition. I wonder if Jujube still hopes to win the Grand Slam.

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