Leaving Shen Teng, Ma Li box office appeal decline?Last year was the year of the worst movie, this year it got a 6.9

In 2015, the film goodbye Mr. Loser catapulted The duo to stardom overnight. The film catapulted them from the sketch scene to a solid foothold in the film industry, and their first film grossed more than 1.4 billion yuan.Then “Shy Fist” earned 2.2 billion yuan, although Shen teng did not appear in many parts, but his box office appeal is obvious.It can be said that as long as there are films and variety shows of Shenma group, they are full of laughter.Ma became the first actress to break the 10 billion yuan mark this year, but that doesn’t hide the fact that she has become the king of bad movies since leaving Shen Teng, with several films she starred in in 2021 receiving low reviews.21 years to date the release of the “Siberian Tiger”, “lie detector”, “Sunshine Robbers”, “Li MAO for prince” score but five, although some are not Ma Li starring, but her vision of the film is really general.”The Killer”, a Chinese New Year film, received a good score at the box office, but was called a bad film by many netizens and received low ratings on Douban.Therefore, judging from the box office and public praise of Ma Li’s films in the past two years, Ma Li’s ability to carry dramas is not as strong as imagined.Without the blessing of cooperation with Shen Teng, Ma Li’s performance in the film circle is not outstanding, but also presents a trend of continuous decline.But compared to Ma Li, Shen Teng no matter who works with, the box office has good results.Shen Teng alone carries the drama ability and chooses the drama vision is stronger than Ma Li many, he starred in “Hello, Li Huanying”, “Xihong Richest Man”, “Crazy Alien”, “Peizhi” have good word of mouth and box office, now Shen Teng’s total box office has exceeded 20 billion.Whether starring or guest starring, will become the movie in the point of great jokes, in the shy Iron Fist, the most classic scene “you come” is made by Shen Teng.Shen Teng has now become a box office guarantee, the box office of the films he starred did not pull down, and the amount of teng has become the standard for the audience to choose films.Shen Teng is that kind of alone can drive the atmosphere, mobilize the audience happy cells of the actor, Ma Li is more suitable for others green leaf.Judging from the beginning of the year, the two have a tendency to strengthen cooperation in the future.Since the beginning of this year, they have produced a new variety show together. Next, we will see the movie alone on the Moon, which is sure to be full of joy.With her collaboration with Shen Teng, Ma Li has the potential to become an actress with a box office of more than 20 billion yuan.

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