Sunshine travel guide, two days and one night sunshine travel route, how to play self-driving tour

Traffic strategy high-speed rail: sunshine west railway station to get off, outside the city, far from scenic spot: the train station rizhao, urban area, near the scenic spot, convenient transportation can be gotten in alipay or WeChat bus card code by bus, also can bring some change (1 yuan/times) pay treasure or WeChat shandong health code (green), especially during the holiday pay attention to the prevention and control.The beach sea water in Wankou is famous for its beauty, and the waves on the sea are just right for beginners to play surfing.There is a wedding photography base near gate 3, and the photo props outside the fence (seaside) can be used for free.Rizhao Seaside Forest Park Here can be said to be the most beautiful coastal road in Rizhao, half of the sea and half of the jungle.Tired of looking at the blue sky and the blue sea, sitting on the grass, and bestie picnic bar, the head is dense branches, the hot sun has become gentle, happy double!There is a wooden walkway along the beach with chairs and pianos, which is great for taking pictures.There is a parent-child hotel in the museum. One wall near the sea is made of glass, so you can have a view of the sea in the room. When the tide rises, the spray will hit the glass.Admission to Wulian Mountain is 65 yuan, and the mountain path twists and turns. In spring, the mountains are covered with pink azalam, which surrounds the trees like a cloud.There are also ski resorts in winter, where the white is everywhere.The seafood in this restaurant is served fresh every day and the quality of the dishes is completely ok.The most important thing is not to rip off customers, cost-effective super high, to the first time to sunshine foreign tourists are very friendly.The former Wang Yuan Seafood Restaurant is very clean and comfortable, with orderly seats and not crowded at all.There are steamed grouper, braised sea cucumber with scallion, prawns with pepper and salt skin, etc., which are big and fat, and can be eaten super rich at 80 per capita.Beagle pizza Self-service durian lovers check it out!His most famous durian pizza, thick durian and cheese, is so satisfying that he can eat as much as he wants.Fruit, chicken legs, kebabs, puddings and other snacks are unlimited.

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