What are the principles to be followed in the module splitting of dating app development

Before the development of the dating app, a series of systems, functions, UI and other aspects will be designed in advance, which will reduce a lot of delays in the development process.Module splitting is also a preparation for the development of dating app. Then what principles should be followed in module splitting?Cohesion refers to the closeness of calls between interfaces in the module of dating app development. The higher the closeness, the higher the cohesion.These closely integrated working logic within the functional module is transparent to the outside, even if the levels within the functional module are different, but also to jointly complete the single business of the business module.It should be noted that if the development of dating app pursues high cohesion and improves development efficiency, cyclic dependence may occur.Ii. Principle of Low Coupling Coupling refers to the relationship between functional modules. If some functions developed by matchmaking app are highly dependent on other functional modules, events of many other modules need to be paid attention to during operation, and it will be difficult to expand functional modules.Compared with high cohesion, low coupling is more concerned with system design. High cohesion can ensure that the design of functional module itself is good, while low coupling can limit module problems within this module without spreading negative effects.In order to achieve low coupling, it is necessary to ensure that a function module can not directly bypass the interface of other modules to operate on the data of other modules.If the system fails to do this, when the logic of other modules is modified, the module data that calls it also changes the logic, violating the principle that functionality depends on interfaces rather than implementation.2. In addition to avoiding direct calls between functional modules, multiple modules also need to avoid operating on another module at the same time.At the same time, some dependencies should be limited, such as extracting circular dependencies used in some defective functional modules into a common module, because this does not solve the root problem of circular dependencies.1. Low-coupling system functions conducive to the secondary development of dating app development can be reconstructed in the secondary development stage according to requirements and technologies, and the functional boundary of the implementation is relatively obvious.At the same time, the secondary development of one function module does not affect other modules.2. Clear demarcation of functional modules Dating app develops low-coupling system functions with clear hierarchy and clearer system dependency structure, which can facilitate the realization of distributed deployment. However, it should be noted that if there is a problem in function separation, the functional structure will still be affected, resulting in failure to achieve the design purpose.Disclaimer: This article is created by Yunbao Technology, please indicate the author’s name and link to the original text, otherwise it is regarded as infringement

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