Zhoucun district “anti-pornography and illegal” Yang Qingfeng keep pure land

□ Reporter Yang Shudong reported this newspaper Zibo news “at present, we have found the ‘9·01’ case suspected of piracy of primary and secondary school teaching materials and auxiliary books 1.71 million copies, the total amount of nearly 29 million yuan, criminal detention of 15 suspects involved.On January 28, in zibo City Zhoucun district culture market comprehensive law enforcement brigade (hereinafter referred to as “Zhoucun district culture law enforcement brigade”) warehouse, deputy captain Zhang Yang pointed to pile up such as hills of pirated books to reporters.It is understood that zhoucun district some publications distribution units without authorization into the distribution of pirated primary and secondary school teaching materials.After careful work, Zhoucun district culture law enforcement brigade preliminary grasp the case clues.Law enforcement officers found in the investigation that the case involved a wide area, a large amount, and mainly involved primary and secondary school teaching materials and auxiliary books, serious and bad nature.On September 1, 2020, Zhoucun District culture law enforcement brigade and Zibo City Public Security Bureau Zhoucun branch public security brigade jointly set up Zibo “9·01” through the information network production and sale of pirated teaching materials auxiliary case task force.In June 2021, the case was jointly supervised by six departments, including the National Office against Pornography and Illegal Publications and the Ministry of Public Security.Members of the task force went to Linyi, Liaocheng, Heze, Langfang in Hebei province and Nanjing in Jiangsu province for 17 times to investigate and collect evidence, during which they eliminated all kinds of interference and overcame numerous difficulties, and finally formed a complete chain of evidence.Zhoucun district will be “pornographic and illegal” work into the district’s economic and social development and ideological work responsibility system assessment, constantly improve the construction of grassroots stations, has been built “pornographic and illegal” grass-roots stations 185, the realization of the town office, village, schools, scenic spots, key enterprises covered;Relying on the digital platform of Zhoucun Comprehensive Social Governance Center, the work module of “Pornography and Illegal Crackdown” was set up to conduct data analysis and judgment on such clues. Twenty-two clues have been reported by grassroots grid members, with 100% timely disposal rate and 23% case conversion rate.Since 2020, Zhoucun Cultural law enforcement Brigade has carried out 36 special operations in publishing and distribution markets, printing enterprises, campus surrounding, rural large collection and other key locations around holidays, school season, copyright day and other important nodes, and registered and investigated 21 cases of general procedures in the field of “anti-pornography and anti-illegal publications”.Among them, the joint public security department filed 4 criminal cases, shut down 2 illegal entertainment venues, 4 illegal printing and publishing units, 1 illegal website, and 1 business site for Internet access service, which achieved strong deterrent effect.Source: Dazhong Daily

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