2022 New Year’s Address for Changde Daily

The editorial office of Changde Daily is getting better and better every day.Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, the 2022 Lunar New Year.When the first ray of sun lit up the sky in the Year of Yin tiger, a new page of history was written.Continuous time nodes, combined together is our way and journey, dream and achievement.Mountains and rivers, the most beautiful is the journey.In the past year, the two centenary Goals have converged, and we have embarked on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country.Along the liyuan river and Dongting river, Changde adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, concentrates its mind and works hard to overcome difficulties, and comprehensively carries out the strategic positioning and mission of “three high and four New”. At the beginning of the “14th Five-year Plan”, changde takes the first step and sees a new atmosphere.GDP grew by 8%, fixed asset investment by 10%, and total retail sales of consumer goods by 14.5%.285 new industrial projects worth more than 100 million yuan were introduced;The rate of excellent ambient air quality in urban areas reached over 83%;A total of 54,000 urban jobs were created, and 40,000 rural workers found jobs in other areas.15,000 new public parks, 35,000 new degrees…A group of bright numbers, cast new brilliance;A major reform, stimulate new energy;Time and again highlight time, mark new height;”Big day”, “big event” and “big scene” make changde people more sonorous towards the future.Chasing the wind to catch the moon mo stay, flat wujiujiuchun mountain.In 2022, we will usher in the 20th CPC National Congress.This historic gathering is of great importance to the Party, the country and hundreds of millions of people at a crucial moment when our Party has embarked on a new journey towards the second centenary goal of building a modern socialist country in all respects.In the face of major historical milestones, major changes and great opportunities, there is no room for any pause, hesitation or wait-and-see. We must build on the momentum and look forward to the future with pride.Changde “two sessions” sure, held recently in 2022, to adhere to the word pledge, seek improvement in stability, epidemic prevention and control as a whole and the economic and social development, overall development and security, vigorously implement the “six” special action, with cadres of progressive, high quality and efficiency of economic development, the general situation of the harmonious and stable society, to meet the victory at the party’s twenty.On the grand journey and key nodes of national rejuvenation, Changde will surely leave a solid footprint.As a Chinese saying goes, “A matter of great importance and of great importance” and “in the final analysis, it is the matter of every family.”At both national and local levels, we will continue to pursue high-quality development to promote common prosperity, meet people’s new needs for a better life, and promote social equity, justice and well-rounded human development.Living in the present, I believe that every family and everyone has a harvest and moved in the big era.”China is where I’m standing!”Yes, each of us is a protagonist and has a role to play.Countless ordinary us, working in unison, bit by bit, will eventually converge into a great river surging forward, the socialist modern power, the beautiful dream of modern New Changde will continue to shine into reality.The key node of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is also a big stage for the Party’s media workers to fulfill their duties and display their talents.At this moment, the first “Changde Daily” of the year of the Tiger has been or is being delivered to you.The new changde Daily and the changde All-media communication platform are richer in content, more comfortable in reading and more convenient in communication. They are the sincere expression of our efforts to integrate media.We’ll tell you about changde on the move with more “dirt, dew and steam” news products.”When the tiger jumps, it must descend.”In Chinese culture, the tiger is a “safe animal” and “patron saint”, with the courage and strength to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.The year of the Tiger has come, jinhu Xianrui, Fuhu spring, let us together, towards spring, towards the future!Together, let us sincerely wish our great motherland, dear Changde and you and me who pursue our dreams, in the struggle of the journey of the tiger tiger wind, like a rainbow!

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