Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch conveys and implements the spirit of the Conference on Optimizing the Business environment in the whole region

Spring comes early, forge ahead at the right time.On February 9, the bank of China, Inner Mongolia the outreach session of the party committee and financial power to optimize business environment project meeting, convey to carry out the optimization in the business environment conference spirit, seeks the ingenuity, focusing on cohesion, to better play a role of promoting business environment to optimize the financial, promote economic stable growth and high quality development of Inner Mongolia blew signal, a rolling ring war drum.Inner Mongolia branch secretary of the party committee, governor of the bank of China wen-yong hu chaired the meeting, members of the leadership, district office, the company’s finance transaction banking, risk management, credit management department and other 17 departments and Hohhot, baotou, ordos, chifeng, tgo, tin event special emphasis, head of the union city branch to attend the meeting.The meeting stressed that for two consecutive years in Inner Mongolia “to open the first moment is focused on the optimization business environment subject, fully shows the autonomous region party committee government resolutely fight to optimize business environment, purify the political ecology whole battle will resolve, to all the send back up targets, make persistent efforts, compression strength, to business environment optimization,Effectively promoting the region’s economy “steady progress, improve quality and efficiency” strong signal.The bank of China, Inner Mongolia, as state-owned large line, must play a role of “leading wild goose”, fully implement the autonomous region about the optimization of business environment, deepening the reform of “pipes”, and the credit enterprise polity policy requirements, by the high quality financial supply service, high quality economic and social development in Inner Mongolia yong when power business environment to optimize the financial “vanguard”.Meeting requirements, he should fully understand business environment optimization of Inner Mongolia’s economic and social development and the significance and role of our own development, with the attitude of “run”, “” mentality,” grab “the status of the running, too, over time, rob first-class, further focus on the service system of the focus of the real economy, through process of plugging point, crack the innovation and development of the difficulty,We should achieve high-quality development while helping improve the business environment and serve high-quality economic and social development.First, we will take a problem-oriented approach and ensure that our work style stays focused to the end.With regard to the issues raised at the meeting that affect the business environment, we should look inward, learn from the gaps, and resolutely remove policy difficulties, process bottlenecks, blind spots in services, and capacity weaknesses that hinder us.And develop credit business “cornucopia” “gas station” of the “key” “new engine” the important role of “booster”, resolutely put an end to credit link of “elephant, biased and making his mark, conformism, taken out of context, frequency vertical shaft” problems, effectively improves the credit service quality and delivery efficiency, shift, improving the style of thinking,Truly with “party B thinking” and “targeted thinking” to provide strong financial support for enterprise development.Second, we will be results-oriented and ensure that financial services are delivered to the end.To focus on customers, we will strengthen the implementation of “first ask responsibility system”, “one-off notification system” and “one-stop service” to improve the service capacity of the whole life cycle of the enterprise and improve customer service experience.Numerous enterprise loan application material for ever, to deal with such outstanding problems as links, consume time long, on the premise of risk control, further changes to the perfect rules and regulations, and in building service, “a good” light implementation link, reduce material reduction, cost reduction, cost reduction, a bail-out for the enterprise burden, with practical action to practice to optimize the business environment of firm commitment,We will open up the “last mile” to improve the business environment.Third, we will be goal-oriented and ensure that key projects are pursued to the end.Centering on the strategic positioning of “two barriers”, “two bases” and “one bridgehead” of the Autonomous Region, it focuses on developing science and technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, cross-border finance, consumer finance, wealth finance, supply chain finance and county-level finance, enriching project reserves and strengthening capital guarantee.Continuous increase of new energy resources, ecological and environmental protection, “two new” a heavy, manufacturing, strategic emerging industries, modern agriculture, village on the strength of the revitalization of the key areas such as loans, close docking specialization, “new” and technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprise financing demand, launched an exclusive comprehensive service plan, innovation to optimize the existing credit products, achieve top service, accurate service.At the same time, it further strengthens the supporting role of science and technology, supports the construction of “digital government” and “digital government” with its own digital transformation services, strives to build financial service brands such as “smart government”, “smart hospital” and “smart campus”, and builds a new ecology of online and offline “finance +” scenes.Everyone is a business environment, everything is a business environment, everywhere is a business environment, business environment, there is no end to excellence.Bank of China Inner Mongolia Branch will shoulder the financial responsibility to optimize the business environment, give full play to its advantages, strive to serve as the “main force” in finance to optimize the business environment and promote the social and economic development of Inner Mongolia, and resolutely win the overall battle to optimize the business environment and purify the political ecology.We will make greater contribution to creating a better development environment and political environment for steady economic growth and high-quality development.(Zhang Tong) Source: Grassland client

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