Fermentation chaff is a high quality green feed for livestock

Fungus chaff is the substrate fertilizer for edible fungi after picking. Because fungus chaff contains more mycelium, it gives out a strong mushroom aroma, good palatability, and livestock like to eat.After fermentation, the nutritional value of chaff will be further changed and it is a high-quality green feed.Feeding methods are as follows:1. Prepare pig compound feed with fermented fungus bran fermentation material, add 10% ~ 20% to finishing pig mixed feed, or take fungus bran fermentation material 20%, add corn meal 30%, rice sugar 20.5%, dried potato 10%, shell powder 3%, rice 8%, fish meal 3%, bean cake 5%, salt 0.5% mixed feed.2, the compound feed of cattle and sheep was added to the diet of cattle and sheep by 25% ~ 40% of the fermented feed of fungus bran.Ruminants have strong digestion ability of crude fiber, and can also be fed directly after drying and crushing the raw material of unfermented chaff.Good results can be obtained by adding 15% of dairy feed or 15% ~ 30% of sheep diet.Note: when feeding the fermented feed of fungus chaff, it should be fed and taken now, and should be gradually taken from one direction. After taking, it should be covered tightly to prevent the corruption of the fermented fungus chaff caused by the invasion of miscellaneous bacteria.(Wang Jiayu) Web editor: Sun Dan Information review: Zhang Keyong

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